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Why Your Company Needs A Blog To Promote Business Online

Why Your Company Needs A Blog To Promote Business Online

Tuesday February 14, 2017,

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At the core of every industry, lies competition between businesses, with each trying to outdo the other in terms of marketing, sales and general output. However, one sure way to make your business stand out is to run a blog.

Maintaining a successful blog for your company is guaranteed to make a major difference and improve your business in terms of search visibility, leads and sales.Blogging is essential to your marketing and sales strategy. And for the purpose of convenience, you should host your blog on your company website as you will see shortly how that helps drive traffic to your website.

There are endless possibilities for your company when you have a blog but this post will highlight a few.

4 Reasons Your Company Needsa Blog

1. To Drive Traffic To Your website

As a business owner, you naturally want more people visiting your small business survey report website, as well as clients and customers engaging with you. One sure way to make this happen is to start a blog where you share information consistently and this will significantly improve the traffic to your site. When people read a relevant post, they will share on their social media feeds and drive traffic to your website.

2. To improve your company visibility

Asides driving traffic to your website, your company profile and visibility improves when you have people sharing posts on their social media. You must share your posts as often as you put them on your social media. This makes more people increasingly aware of your presence.

In addition, you stand to gainPublic Relations for your company in the form of interviews and media chats. These usually occur for business bloggers who are consistent with dispensing information on their blogs as they are regarded as authorities on issues within the industry.

This brings us to the next point.

3. To Establish your company as an authority in that Industry

As you will see later in this post, your blog is not necessarily to market your products but to share ideas and insights on things relevant to your industry. Once you are able to add value consistently through the information you share, your brand gradually begins to earn recognition as an authority in your chosen industry.

Endeavour to become that trusted brand that has all the answers and information.

4. To GetCheap, Easy Customer Feedback

Every good business desires customer feedback. It’s the one way to know how your customers feel about a product, to know what their expectations are and plan towards meeting those expectations. Additionally, it will help you develop better customer relations with your clients.

Start a blog, have a comments section and have your customers tell you what they think about the business and what they approve and disapprove of.

How To RunThe Company Blog

1. Offer Real Value, Not a Sales Pitch

The first thing to note about your company blog is, it is not about making a sales pitch.Sadly, too many business blogs make this mistake and go on to promote their products in all their posts with no further industry information of relevance to the reader. This will get old rather quickly.

While we have mentioned that the blog is important for sales, that is not the core message your readers expect you to always put out. Steve at Egnut Content Marketing says “Subtlety is key. You are better off offering real value in terms of information they probably did not have previously. Whether you’re running a company for beauty products or technology, find out what topics are hot in the market on those areas and get your writers to churn out excellent pieces that are both entertaining and informative for the readers.“

2. Engage with your Audience

As earlier mentioned, one of the reasons you need a company blog is for you to get easy time tracking feedback from your clientele. This can be made possible by engaging with them in the comment section.

Where practicable, make effort to respond to the comments that appear in your feedback section. Offering responses to comments shows the readers there is an actual human at the other end of the computer. It also means they will be more likely to engage with you.

Also try hosting giveaways. This serves two purposes. First, it shows the audience that you are aware of and care about their existence. Secondly, this is another way to drive traffic and improve visibility for your brand. So you have your audience sharing posts and inviting friends to read, like and leave comments with the hopes of winning one of your giveaways.

3. Make Good Use of Multimedia

Use context-relevant images, videos, podcasts. These things make your posts more engaging and interesting to read. Use popular memes or create yours, especially ones that fit right into the context of whatever you are sharing. The funnier, the better.

4. Entertain Your Readers Occasionally.

Make your readers laugh with puns, jokes and memes that all tie into your business. Everyone always enjoys a good joke. Throw a jab at your brand once in a while, have the occasional light-hearted banter. You will find that your readers will be more excited to engage with you when that happens. Blogs do not have to be stiff and boring. Find a way to excite your readers.