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Outsourcing: Key to Drive Travel Industry

The Travel industry is facing challenges like low profits, increasing operational costs etc. Outsourcing will smoothen its functioning and streamline business for more profit and success.

The travel industry is characterized by a high level of personal service to customers with a chain of providers for food, transport, maintenance, marketing and customer support. It faces challenges from low profits, competition, increasing operational costs and with pricing wars, discount coupons and referral points as major influencers in customer choices, travel service providers need to pull every customer to win business which can be achieved by leveraging call center services. Call center outsourcing in the travel sector is, therefore, witnessing continuous growth as there is a steady push to get business for clients & provide adjacent travel depictions diverting high-cost to the nominal effort. Operators thrive to offer best-in-class services to fetch more customers and ensure prompt service. Their efforts help deliver services at reasonable prices to retain their customers for long as well as gain a firm position in the marketplace, promoting stable relationships and 24X7 availability to both existing and new users.

Let’s look at the key drivers that will lead to the success of travel industry and how outsourcing to call centers will make sense to it:

1. Staff Flexibility: Presence of staff for varying time schedule adds better business with their availability over the weekends and even during peak hours throughout the year. This also covers the different time zones aspect leaving no customer unattended because of the rotational shifts which ensure that somebody is always present to answer customers. The call center services for the travel industry tend to offer customized solutions that enable travel companies not just improve operational efficiency but also achieve satisfactory results and timely delivery of their services.

2. Omni-Channel Support: One needs to be present on every possible channel either voice or non-voice, including social media. From Facebookites to Twitterati’s all social needs and connects can be supported through a single channel. A firm presence over all the platforms is the need of the hour and that is what outsourcing companies will offer. This will provide seamless sales and service to customers across all channels.

3. Reduce Overhead Costs: By outsourcing call center for the travel industry, many additional costs are effectively managed like staffing as well as training in technologies to access new software. With this, the overhead cost can be minimized and improve the work process, ensuring time, resources and money are not wasted.

4. Scalability and Concurrency: The traits that can be well recognized while you outsourced call center services for travel are scalability and concurrency.

Scalability implemented will handle the growing amount of work in a capable manner. Outsourced call centers have the size and staff to manage quickly the traffic when due to offers and seasonal vacation packages.

Concurrency will allow a number of users to be attended simultaneously so that no user remains on wait or is unanswered. It will also ensure to make and receive a number of concurrent calls without negatively impacting quality for all the calls.

5. Additional Help Provision: Apart from handling general queries, call center outsourcing also assist customers with payment & transaction issues, making welcome calls to customers for better services, managing hotel & ticket bookings, chat with customers to guide them to right holiday packages & even support in case of lost baggage.

All in all, using call center outsourcing will help engage employees, increase efficiency and streamline cost savings while not distracting the core team members from their primary work and they can focus more on their growth and efficiency. Also, the omnichannel capabilities will deliver superior customer experience, along with better conversion rates and this will create dynamic business environment!


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