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These days we talk more about life!

These days we talk more about life, about our happiness and sorrows. These days we talk more about our being..! And these days we are just talking, sharing and connecting.Tried to sum up some life pieces, the current phase and observations!

These days we talk more about life, about our happiness and sorrows. These days we talk more about our being..! And these days we are just talking, sharing and connecting. Is this is a sign that we are getting older or more mature. Yes, of course. We laugh, we crack lame jokes, we pull each other’s legs and we denote each other with rubbish adjectives too! But yes these days we are talking more about life.

May be each one of us is into some kind of a battle or leading a day which is different than a normal one. Some of our conversations actually make us feel that we are growing older, but at the same time it makes us feel we are growing. Yes, we are growing, understanding, learning and more than that supporting each other.

As we grow older, our circle automatically becomes small. May be because of growing responsibilities, or being more specific with what we want in life, and from the people around. The frequency of calls get reduced, but the length and depth of conversation remains the same. People often judge you for this too. There is actually no end to it. Yes, but these days we are doing this, we are letting people judge us.

Two days back when a friend teased on the most important chapter of my life, "Pagli ab to teri umar ho gayi hai" (Girl, you are growing old). To which I replied, 'Haan, Haan I am senior citizen now (referring to marriage). This is one topic where I try to follow - 'Take it easy...Ahaaa' policy. But on a serious note, this is something which is not considered so easy. I mean, Oh yes! I know I have touched the mark of that beautiful number. Rather not just me, but most of my favourites have done it too beautifully. But most importantly 30 and still single! So does that mark you in a little senior citizen list? I wonder when society compares your age and your life with others. I don't blame them for this. This is the way it has always been.

By and large, if you are 30 and single, it is bound that there would be lot of judgements attached to it. Some are weird, some are funny and some make me think, oh really! 30 and single means either you have had a bad relationship experience, or may be something is wrong with your life, may be a doubtful past or they see your troubled future.

Since you have crossed an age benchmark after which your fertility is questionable, you can't get a good match. Getting a good match or not is a secondary matter. But most important part is - you have to say a yes, just because your parents are worried...or you are approaching the double sweet 16 figure. Having said that I don't mean that I am against marriage or having a partner to share my joys and sorrows with. I don't mind settling for little lesser than my expectations, because nothing is perfect in the world. But can we just stop judging someone's life. I am not writing this just because it's my own story. But it is a story of lot many young women and even men. Marriage is a beautiful journey. But if you are not happy about something or someone, you will fade the beauty on your own.

Every one of us is busy judging the beauty of the other side on the basis of beautiful profile pictures, motivational posts, lots of happening pictures, happy faces, check ins etc. etc. etc on the social media. Some people love to do that, some just do it to feel better after a bad day or a week, some just love to share a happy moment out of the dull phase and some just do it just for the sake of it.

Like when I feel sad or messy or sleepy, I just dress up well, put up Kohl, carry beautiful accessory, just to feel good. On those days people notice my dress, my overall look rather than my dull mood. They praise me and I feel good. This is more about the idea of being happy. Yes, happiness is the key! At the end of the day everyone wants to be happy with whatever they have, no matter how tough life is.

While writing this, I have lots of thoughts crossing my mind. Writing all of them would be tough. But all of it is a big chaos, chaos of expectation, chaos of being judged, chaos of thoughts. Phew!!!

So, let’s live beautifully with the chaos. Talk about life, share about life and develop connect with life. I guess, it will make things little easier.

Have a superb day!


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