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Innovating to Create Food Sustainability

World with Zero Food Wastage using technology through IGNITE, a program taking Ideas into Reality

Every Sunday just before going for our regular grocery shopping, My wife & I used to check our fridge and store room for the ingredients/food that are needed for the coming week. We had to literally throw a lot of fruits,vegetables, baked confectionary etc as it would have got spoilt or passed its best before date.

It used to hurt me when throwing this to the bin. Because it used to always think of the hardworking farmer, who would have taken so much of effort to grow. But, when I started to research on this and what I came across baffled me.

According to Food and agricultural organisation of the united nations , it is estimated that annually close to 1.3 Billion tons of food gets wasted or lost,which is accounts to $1 Trillion .Even if just one-fourth of the food currently wasted or lost, could be saved, it would be enough to feed 870 million hungry people in the world.

The food wastage does not end only with this but also generates greenhouse gasses,wastage of large amounts of natural resources like water and also an enormous amount of labor.

Look at the per capita food loss, Globally:



Hence, I decided to put my effort to solve this Global problem using technology.

I started to brainstorm on various ideas which could solve this. That's when I came across an interesting program from The University of Cambridge called IGNITE, it is a program which helps entrepreneurs to take their ideas into reality. This program consists of a blend of practical teaching sessions, expert clinics, mentor sessions and experienced advice and support from leading entrepreneurs and innovators, it will give me the tools, contacts, and support to develop my ideas.The best part is that I have been selected for this program which is happening in July 2016. I have launched a campaign on Indiegogo to create awareness and to raise money for attending this program. Click here to view the campaign.

Recently we launched our alpha version of our product, which is a mobile app called Smart Chef. Which helps you to use the available ingredients effectively thereby reducing wastage.You could download the app here.

I appeal for your support in my pursuit to create food sustainability with zero food wastage. I hope you join me!

Kindly send us your thoughts and suggestion on this. Mail Us @ abhijith@smartchef.xyz


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