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Keeping the Child Alive in You

How simple and innocent things can bring a smile on your face. For me it was a Mela. Don't let that child die in you, who doesn't need much to be happy.

When was the last time you actually laughed, played, relished on candy? Or I would say just felt happy without any worries or tension about this web called “life”? This thought came into my mind when I was enjoying a fair a year back in the Diamond City of India, Surat called The Surat Vacation Carnival.

At the entrance I was charmed by the breathtaking displays of lightening. I could see people from all walks of life turned up at this fun fair to enjoy the food, the shopping, the rides and much more. As I moved ahead, apart from the vendors there were magnificent rides, toy trains and I could see and hear the children giggling and truly enjoying their vacations at this time of the year.

What caught my eye in this wonderful colorful festival(i.e what I would like to call the fair) was a candy! Yes, the same candy, which we all relished in our childhood and craved for. I instantly purchased one and it brought back many memories of me visiting a “Mela” in those golden days called childhood. The rides added more thrill and fun to my evening. The other thing was blowing bubbles, I know this sounds so childish but these little innocent things made me rejuvenated within a few minutes. I felt alive in ways which cannot be explained. The Mela brought a smile on my face and acted like a stress buster for the day for me.

I would say, that in the walks of life we sometimes loose ourselves and our professional life takes the front seat. So, sometimes we need to pace down, relax and enjoy the little moments which make us happy, even if they seem childish or without any reason. Just do it! Encourage children to enjoy this phase in their lives and not be burdened up with anything.

Attend Melas, if that makes you happy(works for me). Go and Run wild!


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