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Bangalore-based data sciences start-up Yottaasys offering a data sciences and machine learning Product Decision Sciences Factor(DSF), today announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount of Angel funding from Gleevoaz Ventures.

Yottaasys was founded in December 2014 and from since its inception strongly believes in the democratisation of data sciences and power to enable end user leverage analytics for their own benefits. Data sciences has tremendous potential to be used for the larger causes of solving mission critical health, hunger, environment and water shortage problems.

From since early days of its inception Yottaasys has been actively involved in solving some of the most complicated business problems of several fortune 500 Banking, Financial services, Insurance, IT and ITES customers using its flagship product Decision Sciences Factor(DSF).

DSF helps Enterprises rapidly execute data sciences tasks and predict outcomes in almost real-time manner, once predicted the outcomes can also be converted into Yottabots which can travel across smart devices, IoT enabled machines and deliver actionable intelligence.

At one end DSF has been actively involved in solving one of the most complicated supply chain forecast prediction problem for a supply to order scenario with one of the largest computer hardware companies of the world, while on the other end DSF is helping one of the largest European banks to predict its customer next product purchase choice.

While in a very rare and highly complex scenario DSF is also planned to be used by one of largest diesel engine manufacturers of the world. DSF will be used to predict the exact price, availability and best location for an aircraft's part while aggregating data from several data sources using crawlers. At present these is no way a customer can aggregate and derive this kind of data based insights, the immediate prospects are creating an intelligent analytical "Alibaba" for the airline or manufacturing sector. A further scaled up model will impact the overall USD 5 trillion plus manufacturing sector and has the potential to change the game of the supply chains…

Yottaasys is taking its boldest step yet as it embarks on its mission to automate machine learning, Artificial intelligence, drone management and in the future autonomous driving too using DSF. This October Yottaasys will unveil India’s first data sciences product that will have the capability to handle data munging and well as predictive analytics capabilities simultaneously on a massive data scale.

Yottaasys is pioneering the intelligent bots space (Bottligence is a Yottasys trademark) and Yottabots will be the game changers in the automation and intelligent machine control space. Soon to be launched bots include…

Ribot: Risk Estimation and fraud detection bots for the insurance sector

Npbot: Next product purchase prediction bots for the consumer banking sector

Pabot: Product availability and pricing bot

Bimal Sachdeva, Managing Partner from Gleevoaz Ventures has also onboarded Yottaasys Board of directors and it is said that Gleevoaz Ventures has been massively helping Indian start-ups to create world class products. Through this partnership Yottaasys also expects to gain far deeper access to marketplace and other aligned portfolio start-ups.

“The dream of using data sciences for the masses is phenomenal, we have seen the impact of our results and very soon we are going to solve some of the fundamental existential problems. We need people who can support this dream and believe in it whole-heartedly. we are truly grateful to our investors for recognising the potential and having the faith to participate in this incredible journey.”

Decision Sciences Factor is also being officially showcased in Nasscom product conclave in October this year. To get an invite to access the new cloud platform please register at yottaasys.com


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