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Preparing kids for better and safe future.

It may be named as startup or a social cause, Evince has been working towards preparing kids for a safe social environment .



In today's society, things have got vulnerable. Parents are hardly confident about the safety of their kids. Children of any age group are exposed to the evils of society. Child abuse the word which sends chill to spine for most of us. But how well we are prepared for that.

The society is changing so is the need, efforts and perspective for certain facts and skills which were lying un addressed or under addressed.

Evince had developed a Program for the kids based on cognitive approach. The program is based on the fact you can’t fix what you don’t know. So it’s better to know the facts which one or most of us will face sometime in life. It focuses towards making kids aware and prepare for the situations, which are unavoidable and can knock the door before you notice the footsteps.

Learning these skills will help kids to cope up with the situation rather panicking or falling prey. The training schedule has been designed to train kids of different age group keeping in view the mental and physical and mental standard and demand

It is our duty to prepare our younger generation for the situations that they may find themselves stuck in, someday, might not know what to do? The changing face of society is forcing us to reconsider whom we can trust. Don’t you think it would be better to trust ourselves only rather looking here and there in time of a situation? We also aim to train kids for some issues which in normal course of life are not trained or under trained.


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