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Enlightening the Rural Schools through Solar Power


Ino-Solar Energy is a start up launched by Unmesh Jagtap and Bipin Shah who have joined together on a mission to develop and making available the latest technologies available in world at affordable rates to Rural india and specifically the low income population across India.

Unmesh Jagtap has completed Masters in Solar Energy from USA in 1996 and has done research in Solar Energy Center at University of Florida , Gainesville, FL, under the guidance of Dr. Yogi Goswami who is one of the pioneers in Solar Energy in World. 

Bipin Shah is from USA and running a Consultancy in USA for US Department of Energy to certify and develop new Technologies in Energy.

In the journey of their mission, the company has developed various Solar Systems at affordable costs to serve population in remote areas where Grid Power is not available or very scarce.

As a part of the journey, recently the company has completed a pilot project with their group company Unpa Engineering in Rural area at Shiraval near Pune for 12 " Anganwadi's ( small schools for providing free education and meals to children in very remote and economically deprived population ).

The Company has installed DC and AC kits which will provide 24 hours Light and ventilation through LED Bulbs and Solar Fans powered by Solar Micro-Grid Systems designed by the Company.

The project was done by ACG Cares Foundation under CSR activity for ACG Farma Technologies.


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