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8 Tips: How to Make your Mobile Application Popular

Wednesday January 11, 2017,

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“Need to popularize, promote your mobile application in order to reach your potentials customers instantly, then do read this till the end”

Recent Survey of 2017 claims that in 2016 90% Apps demand has increased 20 Times caused by immense competition among applications in same genre and domain. Today we have 5 Millions Applications available on different application stores varying from Apple Store which accounts to 2.2 Million Applications which were downloaded 100 Billion Times to Google Play Store which accounts 2.6 Million Applications which were downloaded 500Million Times. Also Survey claims that less than 50% of iOS Apps and 65% of Android Apps aren’t getting promoted or reached to correct audience hence leading to no revenue generation from application. Hence to reach penetrate market of users in different platforms or stores, it is important to gain popularity and revenue and for the same, we need a dynamic approach and road map to get the maximum application exposure.

Following is a perfect application marketing strategy designed and developed specially keeping audience and application platforms in mind.

1. Application Keywords Planning: Amazing Tip

Applications promotions depend upon the maximum number of searches on different application stores as application stores works similar to any search engine which signifies the need of appropriate keywords analysis and planning in order to reach maximum audience. Keywords totally depend upon application service, audience demographics, application vertical or genre. Hence to get Application promoted the most remembered one is to Plan Keywords which have maximum traffic.

2. Application References and Ratings

Applications create a positive impact on potential users or customers with positive feedback and reviews. Every Application Store has a beautiful and powerful technique of user engagement on the basis of user reviews and ratings who have actually downloaded and used application in order to give a feedback to users who are going to use the application. In order to acquire new users, it is important to focus on the current user’s feedback and experience. Also it is important to provide support and instant responses to current user’s feedback in order to get a positive review or rating.

3. Attractive and Mind Blowing User Interface

User love visuals no doubt. Now a days Users using application are more focussed about the overall layout and front end user interface design of application. Visual characters, Layouts, Attractive Navigational Control, Icons and Colour Scheme tend to be more powerful in attracting user to transform as an ultimate customer. Hence If you want to glue user with your application then make application attractive and compelling,

4. User Engagement- Ultimate Tip

Application Downloads, Positive Impact and Attractive Layout doesn’t guarantee Revenue or Conversion. Many Times according to survey more than 30% of Applications are downloaded but opened only once. Hence User engaging on day-to-day basis with the application signifies the interest and engagement of application. Hence Applications can only win-up the customers through attractive offers like referrals, offerings of coupons, promotional offers, daily application user winners, give away etc. and can be powerful to drag users towards subscribing towards your offers or purchasing your items within the application. Catalyst of Application compels them to generate overall revenue for your application.

5. Social Media Engagement

Most Powerful Medium of Instant Application Promotion which is affordable, popular, easy to use and effective is application promotion of social media channels like facebook, twitter, google plus etc. These mediums tend to make exciting stuff viral and trending to make them instantly reach to Billions of Users in one go. Also Application featuring, press releases on media sites tend to make application more trusted by users.

6. Application Optimization

Applications need to be optimized according to the needs and demand of users. Optimization may include redesigning, coding, testing and debugging of application in order to make it perform more seamlessly without any lags or bugs.

7. Application Marketing

Application 360 Degree Marketing is now possible with the help of different channels like guest blogging, forum commenting, email marketing and advertisements which tends to accelerate the pace of application audience generation.

8. Special Application Offerings

Specialized Offerings tend to win up audience or users instantly from the other competitors. Extra or special benefits tend to create a sense of attraction as it differentiates your application from the others. These special offers can be monetary or promotive etc. as it tends to make user expecting more from your application which ultimately leads to application promotion.


We tend to summarize that application promotion is a continuous effort and time consuming regular behaviour which tends to have long term advantages over making application popular to reach maximum audience levels.

Hence if you need to stand out from other applications then use best possible marketing and promoting techniques in a cost effective way making application a success.

“So if you want your application to become popular, then effective end-to-end mobile application development company services and solutions can enable you to reach that expectation. “