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4 Tips to help you ace your video interviews

Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular in the business world.With the onset of advanced technologies in the market, it has become habitual to see video interviews. 
 “Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular in the business world”

Video Interviews save Time & Money of both Company & Candidate

With the onset of advanced technologies in the market, it has become habitual to see video interviews. Even though they do lack some of the professionalism of an upfront interview, they still are pretty useful.Since these video interviews are less, uptight, if I might say so, they tend to be taken off-handedly by people. But, that is the very thing that one must avoid. Even though these interviews are not facing frontal, they still are meant to be taken seriously.

Here are some tips to help you ace Video Interviews

1. Dress the way you would in any Interview

A basic and foolish mistake is dressing casually for Video Interviews. Even though this is a video interview, you must not treat it casually. Some Firms are not so bent on professionalism and dress codes but most are and hence they are supposed to be taken seriously. You should dress formally and neatly and you’ll be sure to make a good impression.

2. Room layout setting and Location choice

Along with the formal attire, you should also make sure that you have good surroundings for the interview. Your interview will be better if the interviewer can see you better. SO, make sure room of the interview be well lit and sound enough. There shouldn’t be any distracting factors and no vague imagery around for the interviewer to see. The location for the interview shouldn’t be in crowded places like a shop or any other public place or restaurant. They can be noisy and can affect your impression

3. Preparation for Video Interviews

You should be well prepared for the interview. Have a good connection, check your microphone and camera.

It is imperative to prepare for the interview — make sure you test your microphone, camera, and internet connection to confirm all are working before the interview. Take time to prepare for questions you may be asked just as you would for an in-person interview. Always be aware that while you’re communicating via video, you need to make eye contact and speak clearly.

4. Keep it Simple and Straight

Simplicity can be a major factor in nailing an interview. Highly technical positions can be challenging for both the interviewer and the candidate. The exchange of information and ideas via video can be difficult if you’re not face-to-face. The key to acing the video interview is to optimize your interview space for maximum focus and prepare yourself to deliver thoughtful, concise responses. Be authentic and let your interviewer see your personality. Give him an accurate depiction of your personality and skill set so he can get a good feel for what kind of fit you would be, even over video. Be yourself and answer the questions as simply and as effectively as you can.

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