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Top mobile app development companies - the landscape 2017

Writing this to make help people searching for top mobile app companies make a realistic assessment of the scenario and not just depend on a random top 5 or top 10 mobile app development company list


Mobile app development landscape 2017 - Finding the best mobile app development company isnt as easy as a google search. Firstly because there are hundreds and thousands of mobile app development companies out there and secondly there is no central authority or scale of measure that can define the best from the rest. Another reason why its nearly impossible to list the top ones is because of the pace at which mobile app development landscape is evolving. So if you feel reading a list of top 10 mobile app companies off the internet is the right indication of the same, you are mistaken.

To simplify things mobile app development companies can be classified into 3 broad categories on basis of the objectives they carry with respect to mobile app development. And at the same time the quality of output can be defined at 3 levels - technology, Design and Business. For the ease of understanding we will do this on scale of 1 - 5.

The first category is freelancers or agencies that develop mobile apps as professional developers based on the requirements of the client. They can be defined as tech guys who will design as you instruct and code to get it live. Score high on technology and low on business thinking. Like one of my contacts Saket Deshpande. 

Technology - 4

Design - 2 

Business - 1

These guys excel in their coding though design thinking and business sense are on the lower side because all they understand is code that needs to be delivered as per documentation.

The second category in the mobile app development business are the digital agencies that have a small team of mobile app developers to serve their clients, simply put mobile app development is one of their services. They would design as you need and code it accordingly. though a account manager may come into the picture as a coordination interface. Score average on all parameters, slightly low on technology. 

Technology - 2

Design - 3

Business - 3

Here technology takes a slight backseat since they may have some junior level resources to man the team as compared to the hard code techies in category 1. For eg. Digital agencies like Escobar, Interactive avenues etc.

The third category is enterprise mobile app development companies that typically develop their own mobile apps and market them as technology solutions to clients. They also customize their products and few develop custom mobile solutions for their clients. These are basically product thinkers who think design from a business standpoint when developing an app while the technology team is quite agile since they have to support their own mobile app products and also upgrade them with time.

Technology - 5

Design - 4

Business - 3

Here teams are high quality tech guys who are product development teams of sucessfully marketed products and at the same time experienced in design thinking with experience of managing the product support bit based on user analytics they work on over a period of time.

They also hold a fair business sense considering they are into the business of apps. Few of them are LMS mobile app companies like Shezartech, Hewrix and others. 

So if you are looking to just build and app category 1 is your team, if you are looking to build an attractive app the digital agency team should do a good job, however if you are looking to build an app that works for your users, mobile app product companies are the most reliable partners. In case you need help connecting to some good guys, just reply to this article and I'll be happy to help with my views on the ones I have worked with :)