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Don,t Know

Friday January 13, 2017,

1 min Read

I Don’t know why am I here, don’t know what I fear

Don’t know from where to begin, don’t know where’s the end.

I Don’t know what am I doing, don’t know why am I doing,

Don’t know why am I confused, don’t know what am I going to lose.

Am I happy or am I sad, am I smiling or its fake

It’s the failure that I love or it’s the success that I hate.

I am in search for the purpose of my life which my words just cant describe.

Something that keeps me original, something that daily says me you are not born to live an ordinary life.

Then, I promise myself I cannot be stuck here, now the only thing I do is what I fear.

I just want to keep learning, keep moving & keep exploring because I have only one life and I don’t want to leave without LIVING.