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Leveraging AI & Blockchain to boost Revenue

Machine learning is constantly transforming and observing your patterns and habits and then adjusting to it

We are a people of civilization, perpetually driven and propulsed to find better ways to make things easier for us. Social media has made interaction a more convenient affair, and online stores have also made shopping more comfortable to do.

This science of civilization has managed to seep into all our affairs, and in so doing, it has integrated itself into everything and even the way we manage our businesses.

Accounting & ERP is a significant part of managing our businesses; it is one of those things that helps and keeps us on top of our financial situation. Putting perspective on the state on the business while appropriately keeping records to make referral and looking through them a relatively easy and fast process.

One of the more equipped, popular and feature friendly one is Airy9which is founded by Subhodip Dutta is a machine learning constantly transforming software that will observe your patterns and habits and then adjust to it. It also uses artificial intelligence to predict your cash flows or potential revenue boosters in form of product that you sell or customers that you might have. This software has indeed broken grounds and opened a new door for a barrage of innovation to troop in." 

Although there happens to be multiple software to help with Accounting and record management. Innovative software has been developed after lengthy times of Programmers and creators looking at and studying business owners to have a great idea of the type of tools they need. This software will help automate the process of invoicing, keeping inventories, managing payrolls, CRM and also securing the account with a blockchain tech. Airy9 not just an accounting software but it's also a full-fledged ERP software which takes care of inventory, invoicing, checkout , payroll, accounting, subscriptions, expenses,CRM and document management system

The use of pen and paper to account has its disadvantages in the amount of stress it takes to do this and also due to some accidents that can happen and result in you losing all your data and records. It is much more advisable to use software that can both relieve stress and work as your personal assistant, and this software can be the missing element when a booming and organized business is compared to a struggling and confused one.

The management of your affairs can be placed on almost all other characteristics when a business is being discussed, and it needs to be managed well... if the business will continue to flourish.


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