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2017 As The Year Of Mobile Couponing – Does This Statement Hold True?

Mobile coupons have become the main point of attraction for too many coupon-friendly companies

As there is an increasingly large number of companies which are stepping into paperless operations in recent years, recent research reveals that 2017 is going to be the main time for CPG marketers and grocers to optimize their mobile couponing deals. Among their most important goals of 2017, brand marketers say that an increase in redemption of coupons and customer loyalty acquisition is what they look out for. In their Mobile Marketing & Planning Report, it was seen that coupon delivery got the strongest vote for enhancing the impact of mobile marketing. All kinds of retailers including grocers constituted 30% of the 3000 brand marketers who were surveyed while making this report.

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Recent studies reveal that mobile coupons have become the main point of attraction for too many coupon-friendly companies as they have enough ability to generate foot traffic, enhance redemption rates and increase the lifetime value of a customer. According to a different 3C research, it is seen that one particular brand got 4-times a lift in redemption and also a 50% increase in their size of basket with the utilization of mobile wallet coupons.

The grocers often depend on CPG coupons to generate traffic and this is why grocery retailers should pay enough attention on what happens in the space of mobile coupons. If the grocers aren’t able to maintain pace with the mobile appetite of the consumers, they will gradually lose enough share in the market. This will be true with millennials. For instance, around 45% of the consumers have left the grocery stores as they had left their shopping coupons at home. If such coupons can be used through mobile wallets, this can address such a challenge. The messages and updates offer a channel of communication with customers.

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Mobile wallets and using them for messaging is more important than the ability to make them work for coupons, as per recent research. As per statistics, mobile wallet marketing secured a higher rank than mobile wallet payments as an initiative of 2017. This is probably because the former lets a virtual presence on the device of the customer and can even allow detection of location to send relevant messages during the actual moment of requirement.

Apart from all this, the owners of grocery stores require adapting to some other complementary strategy to offer them added value. Only a handful of 10% customers would download the grocer’s app which means that the remaining 90% would be totally left out of the conversation. You may add value by enabling the capability to download and utilize loyalty cards through mobile wallet a grocer may be able to engage customers.

For more information on prom codes and coupons, you can always check out the coupon websites to grab some of the best deals on your shopping. Not only can you save money on online shopping but you can also save money while opting for traditional shopping. Make sure you don’t do extreme couponing as this won’t help you in the long run.

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