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Workzippy is India’s Zenefits which offers Payroll & Benefits to SMEs and Startups

 Workzippy as Payroll, Health Benefits, Taxes, Expenses and Attendance management and many more.

If you are owner of a startup or a founder or finance head of a SMEs or a firm of independent accountants and bookkeepers who manage a number of small businesses, this is the perfect solution for you.

As a business owner, how many times have you been hassled by the never ending paper-work and regulatory requirements for payroll management in your organization? How many times have you felt to have a desire to get more analytics on the huge cost of human resources on your income statement?

As an independent accountant, how many times have you felt the desire to be able to manage payroll for all the clients at the same platform? How many times have you wanted to have a management software for yourself so you could do payroll management for your clients?

On a mission to solve this problem are two best friends from Delhi - Jaspal Singh and Jaspreet Singh. Jaspal and Jaspreet are school time buddies. When Jaspal was working at a CA firm in Delhi, this is a problem that he faced at the grass-root level - both as a business owner and also as a service provider to the clients. Having seen both sides of the coin, Jaspal chose to find a solution for payroll management rather than to search or wait for such a solution to come up. Jaspreet is an IT geek from Delhi currently working in Silicon Valley. Having grown up in Delhi and then having worked in Silicon Valley provided him all the polish that was needed to come up with a sophisticated and unique user-friendly online solution. Hence, Workzippy.

Conceived as a service that is designed for small businesses that increasingly do not have a corporate office and still, for the most part, manually do their own payroll probably still on spreadsheets for a lot of cases. Workzippy enable employers to seamlessly setup group health insurance and other related ancillary benefits for their employees, whether it be medical, dental etc. The process traditionally takes weeks, requiring co-founders or (unlucky!!) staffers to contact brokers for quotes, selecting the best plan and quote and managing the tedious enrollment process themselves, which usually involves dozens of follow ups and sorting through stacks of paper forms for each employee. Workzippy will turn this multi-week, paper-filled process into something that can happen in just a few minutes from the comfort of your local browser or app — even the actual signing of those forms.

For the accountants and bookkeepers, it is a great solution too as the dashboard created by Workzippy allows accountants and bookkeepers to manage the payroll needs of multiple companies from a single screen. The product is almost free (!!), and setup is very quick and easy. The accountant can view pending tasks for each company and take action such as running payroll for their clients, adding new employees or terminating existing employees, reviewing tax payments and filings, etc. Payroll reports take minutes and can provide them with a summary of activities that are ready to be shared with the clients as well.

Workzippy is a HR ecosystem where employers can manage their payroll, health benefits, onboarding, expense reporting, attendance and many more things. It also help employees to manage their tax return using their in house application ie Taxzippy. Taxzippy is aiming to file 100K individual returns in their first year with intuitive flow and mobile app.

Workzippy is currently a startup which has 8 employees. Workzippy launched a month ago and already have a healthy client base, where more than 40 companies already using their product. It has a fully operational customer service base and is receiving active requests for client sign up within a month of launch.

Going forward, the venture is looking at investors and is also working on a technology module to be introduced in its application.

The co-founders said that the biggest challenge so far for the startup has been to build a team thats collaborative in its efforts and skills. Apart from that what has helped them in the journey is the very responsive and welcoming attitude they received from potential clients and other start-up organizations that they talked to. This has been a key strength and a big motivating factor for them to continue with this work.


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