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Hatch101: A Coworking Space Incubator


Hatch101, a startup coworking space incubator, aims at creating an ecosystem for entrepreneurs wherein other startups can collectively work together and build a strong foundation for business.

Comfortable, modern and creative workspace is offered with diverse facilities to help kick-start a strong professional environment.

It’s a real hassle finding a plot or office space for running a business. Hatch101 provides workspace on rent in Delhi for those who can’t afford high budget spaces or for those who only need a workspace for a short period of time.

Hatch101 provides startups with easy- access to facilities like conference rooms, audiovisual rooms, courier services and networking platforms so that they aren’t burdened with heavy electricity and rent costs. Think of it this way, if you take a floor on rent, you will have to pay more than 1 lakh per month (especially if you want to work in South Delhi) excluding electricity bills, water bills, salary of staff members and so forth. The contrary happens if you work in a shared workspace plus the environment is more enlightening.

They provide Furnished office on rent in new Delhi in prime locations and also has a branch in Gurgaon that’s well connected to metro stations, malls and shops.

What We Offer

At Hatch101, we offer coworking seats and private rooms. The advantage of private rooms is that you can mingle with other startups, but at the same time work in a private space. The common space we have to offer have a very aesthetic and fun vibe.

Why Coworking space?

Many companies today offer fully furnished office space. An instant community is provided for entrepreneurs to help them safeguard a professional yet tame and friendly environment.

It is sometimes very difficult to find an office on rent in New Delhi, but with the help of shared coworking space you don’t have to worry about spending big bucks or finding a central location.

Designed for startups, co-working spaces provide them (startups) with an economical way to accomplish needed infrastructure and the right traits of professionalism and authority, without breaking their budget or giving out evenhandedness.

Hatch101’s aim is to try and make the journey of startups easier by providing the following:

1. Coworking space (private and common space)

2. Spacious and well furnished space for over 350 entrepreneurs

3. Conference hall facilities

4. Audio visual room facilities

5. Courier services

6. Security

7. Office boy facilities


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