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Fresh air for me and around my society create a free and secure life. 

Do you want happiness and joy from all your nears and dears?Do you want one deep breath should give you a peace of mind?

I think answer to my both question is YES.

Same for me.I am searching my story with you.

Me and amol (my friend) found each other best buddies.These relation turn into love .Through our these journey ,i got to know that amol do smoking.Then i took a stand for him and that really changed our life.I lose my father because of smoking and same thing inspired me to stand for him.That stand create a awesome life for me.Now i am so confident ,he will not addicted to any bad things.

Yes these was not so easy.Fear of loosing him was always there.But my stand and committed said me if i do these will create awesome life for all our nears and dears.Thats i never Quit on him.And days pass and today we are together,married and living life happily.

Stand for your nears and dears not for bad habits to quit but for living a life with love and happiness.


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