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Big data and cloud computing are the future


Evolution of Big Data

Big data is a bit of an enigma even now to a large number of people because the term is been recently coined and only now it has emerged in the market as one of the important aspects in a business. The concept of big data goes way back as organizations have been utilizing their data to make some very important business decisions. It is clear that organizations have understood the importance of big data in their business and how effectively they implement it to process crucial data.

An organization generates humongous amount of data in its lifetime and they process this data on timely basis to extract the useful information which they can implement in their business. There isn’t much to examine about the past of big data as it is currently growing and hasn’t reached its full potential. Enterprises should make effective use of their data so that they can take crucial decisions which improve their business. It is a golden opportunity for enterprises to embrace this technology and find success in their field by staying in lead through big data analytics.

How Cloud Computing fits in this scenario

Many organizations have benefited through implementation of cloud in their business. The cloud is a cost effective solution which caters to many needs of a company and is being adopted by enterprises in every industry. Cloud computing makes it easy for IT heads to store and analyze their data with the help of optimum computing resources. It has significant advantages over a traditional system, however, in some instances, cloud platforms have to be integrated with traditional architectures.

Decision-makers are sometimes faced with a dilemma over the fact that is cloud really the solution to their big data project. Big data exhibits unpredictable and immense computing power and storage needs. The business heads also expect an inexpensive and dependable solution which will provide them with desired results.

We will further talk about how cloud computing and big data play an integral part in any organization’s success. Many opportunities and benefits which can be obtained through implementation of the combination of these technologies.

The traditional systems have proved to be slower since storing data and managing the same is a very time-consuming and tedious process, and so it is vital to look for a solution which will do the trick. Since the adoption of cloud by many organizations, it has been providing all the resources to run multiple virtual servers in cloud database seamlessly within matter of minutes. The compute power and ability to store data, which the cloud provides greatly, results in agility in business functions. Huge amounts of data can be processed within minimum time frame due to flexible resource allocation. It is not easy to switch to a different technology because there are many factors which need to be taken into consideration. Organizations have a certain budget when they wish to switch to a newer technology and in this case, cloud is a blessing being an avant garde technology under a budget. Companies are free to choose the services they need according to their business and budget requirements. Applications and resources which are needed to manage big data don’t cost much and can be easily implemented by enterprises. You only pay for the amount of storage space you use and no additional charges will be incurred.

When there are high business demands, traditional solutions require extra physical servers in the cluster to cater to the needs with maximum processing power and storage space but the virtual nature of cloud allows allocation of resources on demand for smooth functioning of business. Scaling is a great option to get the desired processing power and storage space whenever required. Big data requires high data processing platform for analytics and there can be variations in demand which would be satisfied by only the cloud environment. The right management, monitoring and tools should be available to analyze big data on cloud. There are various big data analytics platform like Apache Hadoop, a java-based programming framework which processes structured and unstructured data.

Big Data — A Competitive Weapon for The Organizations……

The World’s Total Data is Doubling Every 2 Years and almost 49% of organizations are currently implementing or likely to implement Big Data initiative in the future

Big Data — Making the world go round, big data is growing and moving faster from a variety of sources like Mobile, Computer, Social Media and Sensors

Amount of Big Data stored across the world (in petabytes)

Big Data usage around the world and across industries……


Big Data and Cloud Computing has truly changed the way organizations process their data and implement it in their business. These technologies have impacted businesses in a good way because every decision made through analysis of big data leads to the success of a business. The future is bright as we can see more growth for cloud computing and big data analytics.