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GetMeChange App

Get Change for your odd currency

My Self Vedant Jagirdar – Director : Coding Visions Infotech Pvt.Ltd. ( Age : 21 ) has developed a new app called “Get Me Change” with our few young friends Shreyash Joshi : Student at MIT(E), Aurangabad & Shrutayu Deshmukh : Student at RSCOE, Pune.

Acknowledging the great demand of change and non-acceptance of Rs.2000 for small amount at many places during this period, we have tried to come up with a reliable solution through this app.

GetMeChange is an app developed for helping you to find the right change from the folks against your odd money which can’t be acceptable in day-to-day transaction. You can download app from here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.getmechange.www.getmechange

How does an app works?

You need change :

1. Post an ad for required amount

2. People can find you

3. Meetup and get change

You have change :

1. Post an ad for amount you can give

2. People will find you

3. Meetup and give change

We encourage you to use this app and share this information you and your friends so that people will get to know about this app and will help to get their change during this period of crisis.

We hope this app would be very helpful to get money change with those who have change and insists to help people to get them change .

**We have just launched this app. You may or may not find posts for your city.



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