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Skydiving is the new rage in Delhi. 10 Skydiving Facts that will convince you to take the plunge!

Friday January 13, 2017,

3 min Read

1) Its easy-peasy

Whoever told you skydiving was hard, was showing off.

Tandem skydiving in India is the easiest and safest way to skydive for the first time, its like skydiving for dummies. You are securely strapped to your instructor and he does everything, plunges out of the plane with you, deploys the parachute and safely lands you back to ground.

2) It is in India now

Established in February 2016, Skyhigh India, a unit of GoForth India Pvt Ltd is India's first full time commercial skydiving drop zone. Located just two and a half hours away from New Delhi via the Yamuna Expressway, Skyhigh India is the first company of its kind that has made tandem skydiving available and accessible in India all through the year.

3) International safety norms and all that

Skyhigh India is a foreign affiliate of the United States Parachuting Association (USPA) and all tandem masters at the Skyhigh India drop zone are USPA license holders. The Skyhigh India drop zone also has highly qualified personnel on site; a drop zone operator or owner (DZO), manifestos (who maintain the flight manifest documents defining who flies and when), pilots, instructors or coaches, camera operators, parachute packers and riggers, and other general staff. A basic medical fitness certificate is mandatory for all jumpers. Each jumper is subject to one-hour ground training before undertaking skydiving activity.

4) It is not even like a work out

Your skydiving instructor takes care of 90% of everything that needs to happen and then there is gravity so you needn’t worry about skydiving being physically taxing, it is not!

5) The people you are strapped to know what they are doing

The instructor is a qualified tandem master with a rating form the USPA- The United States Parachuting Association in the USA. They have probably done this a thousand times, so keep calm and go skydiving

6) You get a new profile picture and the coolest video ever!

Yes, you can pay a tad bit extra and get photographed while you do the most daring thing you have ever done. Skyhigh India has truly the best skydiving company ever because they even edit a funky video of your dive and send it to you.

7) Freefall is the new spa

Freefall is the most thrilling, terrifying yet terrific thing ever. It pumps up your adrenaline, helps you let go and leaves you with a smile that’ll keep coming back everytime you think about your jump

8) It doesn’t matter where you jump, just jump!

People say exotic locales are better, but no, not really. The freefall and the glide back to earth is as exciting anywhere in the world. Its what you feel inside, not what you see outside that matters.

9) It will leave you bold and beautiful

After you jump out of a plane, you feel like you can accomplish any feat in the world. It is a major confidence booster and leaves you feeling refreshed and your skin a lovely glowing pink!

10) It’ll give you the most exciting story to tell

Imagine! You can walk into anywhere and have the most exciting story to tell old friends and new

So what the hell are you waiting for? GO SKYDIVING. DO IT NOW!