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4 Advantages Behind the Use of Testimonials


Testimonials are a marketing technique that is used by virtually every serious digital marketer and digital marketing company in the industry. In an ideal world, companies could rely on solely organic testimonials, however for new businesses that are yet to build a loyal customer base obtaining them might present an issue. This is one of the main reasons some news entrepreneurs question the cost-effectiveness of even focusing on testimonials. However, if they don’t it might cost their company a lot in the foreseeable future. To understand the reason behind this statement here is some of the main advantages behind the use of testimonials.

Obtaining proof of client loyalty

Now, this is far harder than you might think. Not every satisfied customer has the time nor the desire to leave a testimonial. There is a far greater chance of you getting a negative review than a positive testimonial despite the fact that your product and its sales are performing admirably. This makes you wonder what does this say about people who take the time and make sure they invest that extra effort to leave a great testimonial? Well, first of all, that they really liked the product or service that you have provided. And second that they are willing to share their experience in order to help the company who provided them with that service or product grow and get positive feedback. These are the kind of customers you need to ensure you retain and reward for their time and loyalty.

Getting the much-needed feedback

There is no question that testimonials are a great source of customer feedback. Being the owner of a company or being employed in it gives you a different perspective on the service or products that the company provides. And it is no wonder that at times it substantially differs from the insight you can get from your customers. So while you see some issues that need fixing they might not be the same ones that your customers experience. This is why it is imperative to conduct a customer satisfaction survey as often as possible in order to ensure that you get all the necessary information that can improve your product and service quality and by doing so allow you to get the best possible future testimonials to help you boost your business.

Having the ability to brag about customer satisfaction

This sound worse than it actually is. Well actually no, that sounds about right. Being able to say you have a whole army of satisfied customers, and then being able to back this claim with some great customer reviews can really help you get in front of your competition. Keep in mind that the most reliable way to get well-written and organic online reviews is through a reliable marketing agency that provides these types of services. By doing so you will get reviews written by real users of your products and services, instead of cookie-cutter testimonials provided by marketers.

Proving the worth of your product through examples

The fact of the matter is that we all have numerous products that we would purchase in a heartbeat but for the fear of how they might perform in practice. So we prefer to have someone else buy and test the product and find out about its pros and cons through someone else's wallet. So that we can read about their experience and decide whether or not we want to make the final purchase.This is where testimonials come into play, as they may do wonders for your sales. Prospective customers will get to read about other people's experiences with your product or service and that will lead them to make a decision regarding your product’s trustworthiness.

Each of these four advantages brings something unique to your enterprise. You simply need to find the best way to reap the benefits of testimonials. And as you were able to see there are plenty of great ones you get to experience, especially in the early days of your business, this can give you the quickest boost.


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