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Mobile website or mobile app- what will drive maximum business gains in 2018?

Before you hire Mobile app development company USA, you need to be aware of what does your business require exactly? Mobile app or mobile website or both?

In the mobile connected world, each businessopts for the mobile presence. And when you ultimately plan for the best business appearance, you will have to go with the mobile application or the mobile website and almost many choose the both platforms. If you are not too much into the mobility, then you may not make a difference between these platforms. But yes, it makes a difference that which platform you choose depending upon your specific business requirements. You can decide it on the basis of target audience, budget, purpose of your business, goals, and necessary functionalities to grab users’ attention, etc. Let’s discuss that in detail how to make a right choice in 2018.


The positive sides of the mobile website

When your business demands a strong marketing platform and the public communications, mobile website is preferable over the app. Practically in the mobile outreach strategy, there are many advantages of having a mobile website are discusses below.

Quick Availability

Any user can visit the mobile website instantly by surfing through the browser from any smart device. On the other hand, if the user wants to reach to your business through the app, then he first need to download it and then it becomes accessible.


Users can easily visit the mobile website through any devices such as Android, iOS or more. And particularly for the mobile app, businesses need to develop the separate versions for Android, iOS, etc.

Instant Updates

When you want to update the content, you can ask the developers for doing them from their side and the updated content be easily visible on the user side. For the mobile applications, users need to click for the version update and then it becomes effective.

Be Found Easily

Users can easily find out the mobile websites in the search results and even through the business directories as well. It is easy to search a mobile website with the business name. And in contrast, mobile apps can be found in the app stores.

Less Expensive

If you look at the cost factor, a mobile website is definitely going to be your first choice. Compare to the mobile app, the website cost is low even if you hire the top Mobile App Development Company.

Why do you need to have a Mobile App in 2018?

We have gone through many benefits of having just a mobile website. But yes, for the specific business scenarios, mobile apps do carry their own benefits and the foremost mobile app development company India has listed it here:


An app provides a personalization to your users. In the case you sell your products and services online, you can send the notification and personal messages to the users through app. This feature is somewhat difficult to include on the mobile website.

Automated Reporting System

The big size organizations have complex reporting systems. Apps make the complex calculations smooth and silky with the automation. For banking and investment category, automated analytics, report and calculation are the blessings.

Use of Native Functionalities

Mobile apps are increasingly using the functionalities such as mobile camera, location, gallery, contacts and much more to provide a personalized experience. So utilization of this native application is easy through the business app you hold.

Internet Connectivity

The mobile application makes a sense if you want to provide the offline access for some inbuilt functionalities. On the other side, Internet connection is necessary if the user want to access any of the functionalities offered by the mobile website.


Utmost businesses always choose to develop the mobile website and mobile application both. But, depending upon the business requirements and size you have to make a choice. Particularly many businesses in 2018 are having the website and app both as they want to provide the best experience to each and every user. 


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