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Your 'Life Experience' Can be Your Stair to Success

How I learned in my Innocence?

Many of us have those daily write-ups to make us feel better at the end of the day. Poetry wasn’t a big deal for me when it came to my life, my experiences. Neither the story, the conversations and all those great pieces that formed my journal.

Well said, “Innocence teaches you a lot.”

We introvert kind of people also tend to notice small details of our surroundings. Like 2 days back I saw The Girl who played badminton with her parents on the street was standing alone. Suddenly I started to wonder out and away from all my work cluster, “Where are champion’s champion parents?” Not that her parents are in a problem or something by now. Rather those little noticeable things gives me strength to forget the work load and expand my Imagination.

While we are unhatched, not out from the egg yet we are that Innocent little Birdie that does not know how to fly or find food. The available warmth help us Nourish. Who would have known the realities will Make or Break you, or rather it will be the sweetness that will fulfill you. The fulfilling part is what your Passion does to you.

So life has been like this for many of us. What I learnt in my Journey was how to turn my Passion in something Real. Coming onto the little unknown fact where the taste of my Innocence is? Its on the blog that I wrote first, the chance that I got first and got hold of it no matter what. The flashes of your good past and the crisp of your harsh one just makes the best write-up. Little do we have known by then, that is what connects people to a writer like us. Experience is what is taking you ahead in life whether you notice or not while you thank The Shopkeeper on the little road outside your house their is always that silent Its All Right. He is learning to reply, all we need to do is learn to appreciate not only the efforts of that uncle but each situation in our life to learn and portray it.

No matter what you say, no matter how, just speak out to make a place out their in the world for you! The little technicalities you come across might be a new thing to you, trust me you are just going to be fine. maybe you make the best out of it in your innocence. Light up your life and writings with the little experience you have. Shout the best and worse of yours to the world to bring out the best.

So this is a ShoutOut to all the writers like me out there, don’t be Silent behind your screens rather open up to the World, they might be waiting for you!