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Aurio Gems offers custom design jewelry

A new start-up, Auriogems.com, based out of Bangalore, is now offering certified custom designed jewelry to customers.  It has invested in Technology that can create instant 3d rendering of certain products.

For the modern day woman who wants to break out of the usual choices and be a designer, Aurio Gems is a dream come true. Imagine not having to pick from among similar drab choices of jewelry design. Aurio Gems encourages each of its customer to get creative, and design their own jewelry. Its portal allows for data interchange for such custom designed jewelry, and gets the jewelry ready within 8 business days.

The most common complaint for custom designed jewelry is that the user is not sure how it will look. Aurio has a simple solution - it is integrating software in its website that will allow the user to visualize in 3d how their jewelry would look. The customer can then make an informed choice whether to go ahead or make additional changes.

The initial days of Ecommerce in jewelry offered a portfolio of products with photographs or renderings that customers view and decide. This is not too different to entering a physical jewelry store and evaluating the inventory there. Most E-Commerce jewelry portals are coming up with experience centers that replicates a brick and mortar jewelry store, and several jewelry stores are coming up with their internet portals, gradually blurring out any differences between the two.

Aurio Gems logo is "Elegant, Exquisite, Uniquely You" and thus encourages everyone to let their creative juices flow. Everyone can now be a designer, at an affordable price.

Aurio Gems was the brainchild of three professionals - Raviraj Pangal, a IT entrepreneur from the Bay area, Madhu Rammoorthy, a Chemical Engineer with international business exposure, and Ashwin Attawar, who comes with a background in Investment banking.

"The fact that we do not come from a traditional jewelry background works to our advantage", says Ashwin, and it has helped the founders to be bold and try out ideas never tried before. The startup has not raised funds yet and is sustaining itself with in-house capital and accruals.

Aurio Gems has its teams spread between Bangalore and California, and is poised for growth across the World. Why not try your design at www.auriogems.com?


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