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Embracing Pluralism in the Artificially Intelligent World


Artificial Intelligence

In the quest of relentless novelties and embracing the incessant need to outdo ourselves, we have given birth to subtle incongruities slowly gaining the force of a tide just before the outbreak of storm. Such is our delicate invention that is just as apprehensive as it is extraordinary. Artificial Intelligence – the two words responsible for the goosebumps that we may feel when we picture the future of flying cars and robots. Humans are curious creatures – something far from nature intrigues us so. From purely human-initiated (and managed) services, we have come to virtual assistants, bots on chats and customer support, self-driving automobiles and much more. The incongruities that we have produced while accomplishing “something wonderful” stand now, a silent war between nature and simulated – humans VS artificial intelligence. The advent of cutting-edge internet services  is a case in point of this tendency.

The Silent Conflict in its Origin:

The previously worshipped invention that was the source of stirring awe and intrigue amongst us has now created a rift in the balance with which the economy worked, both on a macro and micro level – personal lives of individuals earning at a 9-5 desk job to thriving businesses contributing towards the economy of a designated area. Artificial Intelligence was fashioned to aid human beings in their mundane and allegedly redundant activities that could hinder productive performance – for instance, taking the time to type out long messages, enter swipe keyboard that types for you judging from the position in which your fingertips drag across the screen. For instance, setting alarms on proper clocks, keeping reminders in notebooks and marking your calendar for important dates – enter your smartphones and the super-smart and efficient features that do all that for you, making life easier. Siri, the lifesaver for the apple users, and the new Bixby for android. With the cable internet and Wi-Fi access, your smartphone is the epitome of convenience.

From pure assistance to slow takeover is what describes the AI revolution perfectly. The findings and predictions of the jobs that will soon be taken over by Artificial Intelligence (perhaps robots) by credible sources are alarming. There are roughly 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States today, and as McKinsey predicts, in under a decade one-third of all trucks on the road will drive themselves, rendering the rest of the workforce unemployed. Similarly, Deloitte Insight report (which may be accessed through Spectrum High Speed Internet) found that 39% of jobs in the legal sector will be automated and taken care of by AI by 2020, for instance, reviewing cases, verification jobs, and assistance of any type. Most of the customer support jobs will be taken digital and artificial within a decade, rendering human customer support obsolete – imagine calling a pizza place and having an automated bot or a machine taking your order, or taking a customer care related complaint. Chat-bots are already a concept in its eventual stages taking concrete form.

The Friction:

Led on by this sudden takeover that is less hostile than it is pushed by the opponent itself, comes the aforementioned incongruities – the conflict of interest, and the basics. Nature, or artificial intelligence? Do we prefer the assistance and the ease brought forth by this very invention, or do we prefer to keep the previously fulfilling lifestyles where an ideal balance was maintained, and unemployment was kept to a minimum? With the assistance has come at the cost of hundreds of thousands of jobs being taken over by the unnatural – in turn, giving way to friction, and contradictions in our purpose, and the eventual goal. The entire scenario that plagues our contemporary world seems reminiscent of an apocalyptic Hollywood Cult Movie (like the Terminator Series and Ex Machina – both stream-able with a Spectrum Cable Company TV Plan), in which machines (bearing allusions to the archetypal Frankenstein's Monster) renegade against their creators.

Embracing Pluralism:

The privileges, opportunities, doorways unveiled by the subject itself are not to be denied, and beneficial to each one of us, when taken in consideration from the assistive perspective. Provided that we have access to a quality internet service to make the most of these digital provisions (with Spectrum Internet Plans being a commendable choice in this regard). However, the silver lining only shines when accompanied by a dark cloud, and so negativities are to be dealt with efficiently. It is immaterial to compete with these magnificent innovations that are somewhat more proficient than the human brain – in certain matters. The key to survival in a comfortable manner is to accept the rising changes in our lifestyles and embrace pluralism whilst effectively maintaining our own exclusivity and uniqueness. No matter how efficient and powerful artificial intelligence may be, it will certainly be no game against the human mind when it comes to avant-garde thinking, creative ideas, artistic creations and the ability to adapt, grow, evolve and create.


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