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How TrakFamily helps parent ensure child safety against rising crimes


Safety and security of children has become a major cause of concern for parents these days. With rising cases of sexual assault, harassment, misbehaviour with children and young women in metros as well as non-metro cities, a few companies are working on technology-based solutions to address these issues.

New Delhi-based TrakFamily Technology Solutions (http://www.trakfamily.com) is one of the first Indian companies working on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology since the past three years to develop safety related products for small children and family members. Founded by Pankaj Sinha, an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in surveillance and audio-visual electronic products and Preeti Gupta, an IIT-Kanpur graduate the company has emerged as the leading Indian company in its domain. The company has raised Rs 4 Million seed funding in mid-2015 and Rs 10 Million in Series A funding in 2016 from undisclosed investors.

 Tr has developed an innovative GPS-based tracking solution to address the safety of small kids and family members for the first time in India. The solution consists of a small wearable GPS-based gadget, a cloud-based platform and a mobile application. This small yet innovative device helps parents locate their children's whereabouts at all times on their smart phones or laptops. It has useful features such as SMS/email alerts when the child exits the safe-zone defined by the parent. So parents can get instant alerts when the school van is not on the correct school route, or if a child is the crossing school boundary in school timings. It has an SoS emergency button to alert parents at the time of danger or an emergency. On receiving the alerts, parents can call predefined numbers to listen to the surrounding voice; the call is automatically connected without anyone noticing it.


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