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Mothers – The living angels

“Didi (Elder sister),  have you ever seen an angel in your life?” asked my small five year old neighbor to me standing in the terrace of my five storey building. “Yes, I have certainly seen one!” “Where where???!!!” she started jumping with excitement. I replied “She is in my house right now, probably in the kitchen cooking food for me, none other my angel- my mother” came my reply.

Mother is the only one word which makes even the strongest of us cry. A mother is the one taking care of us right from the childhood, taking care of our smallest needs, creating a heavenly atmosphere and always praying the best for us from God. It is rightly said that, out of all the other members in our family, a mother cares for us the most. Even if we are five minutes late, our mothers will keep on calling and enquiring about our well being. Some of us might get irritated at times because of this, but at the end, we all love our mothers. We know that they do this for our welfare and for our well-being.

There was a famous story related to mothers which brought tears to my eyes and I would like to share with you all too. Once upon a time, there was a small boy who lived with his mother who was his only family. His father had died in a car accident when he was six months old. His mother had only one eye. The son hated her mother. He thought that his mother was an ugly witch because of her ugly face. He used to think that his friends had beautiful mothers, and he had the ugliest of the lot. “Stay Away from me!!!” was all that he said to her. His mother, cried at times because she saw her son always running at the sight of her. She was heartbroken. As time passed, the boy grew up and remained the same boy who hated his mother, just because of her face. As soon as he became an adult, he went to a foreign country and settled there, without even asking his mother for permission. His mother cried day and night for him, writing letters to him, expecting reply to the letters which never came. Her son married and had children, which he never told about, to his mother. But his mother continued writing letters. Slowly time passed by, and news came that his mother had passed away. The son, decided to burn all the letters that his mother had sent. He burnt all the letters, except the last one. He was about to do so, when he saw a photograph of himself and his mother, in a hospital bed when he was a five days old infant. His father was standing next to his mother who was breastfeeding him. But the shocking fact was that, his mother looked beautiful! She had both the eyes, and a lovely face. He was shocked. He started reading the last letter. His mother wrote “Son, my heart and my soul belongs to you. The day, when you were born, I felt complete. I decided to live my life for you and give you all of the world’s happiness. But destiny had something else written. When you were a year old, your eyes caught an infection. It was so severe, that doctors declared that you will lose your left eye forever. I was heartbroken. I had lost your father at such a difficult time. How can I see my son getting blind at such a young age? I decided to donate my left eye for you. The operation was successful. You got your eye back. Alas! I had only eye. But seeing you happy, made me complete. But fate had something else written. You hated me. I tried telling you about this situation, but you always ran away from me. You married, had kids, and I was the last person to know about all that. But son, believe me, I had always loved you and will love you for the rest of the remaining few days of my life. Please forgive me, for being an ugly mother, for making you feel ashamed in front of your friends, making you feel disgusted. But please meet me once. I want to see my grandchildren before I die. Please fulfill this wish of mine. My last wish. Please son, come back to me.”

The son was shattered when he realized that his mother had donated her eye for him. She was not ugly, she was even more beautiful than all the other mothers of the world. But Alas! It was too late. She was dead. Her last wish never came true. The son felt like someone had stabbed him to death. He cried and cried for days. Soon he opened an “Old Age Home” where old people used to stay, after being dumped by their children. Till the last day of his life, he served them. He somehow related every old mother to his own mother. He loved everyone. He had committed a sin, which he knew can never be forgiven.

Thus, I would just like to say that, mothers are God’s gift. It is rightly said that a person who doesn’t love his mother, is not capable of loving anyone else. A man who loves his mother, will also love his wife and children, because he knows the value of women and respects them. Mothers are truly the living angels of our lives, and I am proud to have her! My mother and my angel!!


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