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The Five Life Transforming Benefits of Meditation for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs

Life is exciting for bootstrapped entrepreneurs. The thrill of chasing challenges, solving problems and accomplishing those ever-elusive targets provides us with a never ending adrenaline rush. However, life is also tough and chaotic at times. It's at these times that it becomes very important to keep your cool hat on. Meditation can help you with that. Here's how. 

1. Meditation Gives You A Beautiful Start to the Day

Meditation gives you a beautiful start to the morning (Image Source: UYP Lifestyle)

Just 15 minutes of meditation in the morning makes you feel as refreshed as a dewdrop. Your mind becomes clear, calm and centered. Your eyes feel fresh, as if they are seeing the world in new, clear colours. You feel ready to take on the world, even without that cup of black coffee. You know that when you step outside the door, it's going to be a great day no matter what happens. 

2. Meditation Makes You Patient, Not Reactive

Meditation makes you patient, not reactive (Image Source: Irvine Community News and Views)

Are your staff members making mistakes? Is work not happening at the speed you want it? Is that one client being particularly difficult? You're not able to hit the desired revenue targets? Listen, we've all been there and done that. For us bootstrapped entrepreneurs, the stakes are high and every day can be like a battlefield. But, were battles ever won on the backs of lost tempers? Of course not! A cooler head always makes better decisions that are more beneficial in the long term. Meditation will help you become the Sun Tzu you always wanted to be!

3. Meditation Keeps You Healthy and Fit

Meditation keeps you healthy and fit (Image Source)

When you're a bootstrapped entrepreneur, you sometimes have to pull those all-nighters. Like it or not, there are days when you go to bed at 5 am. Your health suffers, and so does your performance. Meditation can stop that from happening. A study conducted by Harvard University Medical School has shown that meditation lowers the blood pressure of people. Another study at Ohio State University found that meditation leads to improved immunity in patients who are recovering from cancer. Meditation also has proven anti-inflammatory and mood regulatory benefits. Physical health is intimately tied to mental health, and meditation will work well for you on both fronts! 

4. Meditation Unlocks Your Creativity 

Meditation Unlocks Your Creativity (Image Source: Dr Will Sparks)

According to a study by Leiden University psychologists, meditation can boost your creativity levels. Meditation trains you to focus and concentrate for a duration of time. This can be a super-power in our hyper-connected and information saturated world. Creativity blossoms the best when given a soil of focused, intense and unrestricted devotion. Meditation clears the unnecessary clutter from the mind and allows you to focus on the things that are really important. 

5. Meditation Gives You a Long-Term Perspective On Life

Meditation gives you on long-term perspective on life (Image Source: Makamba Online)

It's important for an entrepreneur not to be shaken by the small challenges and obstacles in their way. Having a long-term perspective is really important when your aim is to build an empire. You should know that good things take time to come into fruition. Living for a quick buck, or only for short term goals won't help you achieve that crazy level of success that you dream about every night. Meditation will calm you, centre you and make you realize how critical playing the long game is. 

With so many wonderful benefits mentioned above, you definitely need to give meditation a try! 


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