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CouponZpoint.com - Entering into the Shopping Suburb

A Quest to Go A Long Way into the Online Shopping

Sunday July 10, 2016,

2 min Read

I did not know about the Shopping Coupon Websites. One of our family friends introduced us to the Coupon Websites. We knew there was a CouponDunia already. But somehow we kick started the website CouponZpoint.com. The next work was to converting it into a revenue support.

 Making a website is quite easy. You can spend 50k and make a website; but earning something out of it is really a very cumbersome process. We started doing the Search Engine Optimization and to some extent we had been successful to bringing our website on the first page for some of the keywords.

By the time; now, we are getting the organic traffic which has given us a bit relief. We are working continuously to compete as there is a tough competition ahead. 

There are lot of technical issues of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is no longer the same as it was ten years earlier. You have to be particular about the updates. 

We are working on Content writing. Improving the technical issues of wordpress. Hope there would be a day when we would put our portal into top gear. 

We want to introduce our Online Shopping Coupons and Promo Codes into the suburbs of India. Every villager should know the techniques to save money while shopping and that's the real marketing. Villagers buy products at much higher prices because they do not know about the prevailing rates and discounts.

Just doing hard work to wait and watch which way the wind blows. Hoping for the best.