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Eat, breathe and enjoy the nature with LifeWall....

Story of a bootstrapped startup that does a lot good for you. 

Our modern society is all about image and nothing beats nature for beauty. As we run out of green space in cities, vertical gardens can turn urban spaces back into something natural and beautiful.

Back in the year 2013, Pavneet Singh (26) the Founder and CEO of LifeWall, came across the concept of Vertical Gardens. The concept struck his entrepreneurial spirit, and gradually started to grow on him, so much so that finally he took it upon him to make this concept a well-known phenomenon in the Indian Architectural Scenario.

It was during the time he spent in conducting extensive research in the field that he came to know of the European concept of Vertical Garden Planters - BIOFELT Planters, a cutting-edge patent pending material which makes vertical gardens  manageable and convenient!

And thus was incepted LifeWall, a provider of innovative products and solutions in the field of vertical gardening.

Pavneet Singh, Founder - LifeWall.

Today, LifeWall not only avails institutional solutions but also offers retail products to its customers all across India, through its online shopping portal as well as retail stores all across the nation! In Fact, LifeWall now also has its own manufacturing centres, wherein it manufactures Free Standing Gardens, VeggieRack, Garden Trolley amongst many other innovative green products meant for retail sale.


Green spaces are drastically reducing in the urban jungles of the present time, thus making it almost quintessential to grow greens even in the smallest of available spaces. With this simple thought, LifeWall was established to provide some small yet significant means to an end that would eventually benefit humanity.


Based out of the impeccable city of Lucknow, we at LifeWall consider it as our primary aim to offer cutting-edge vertical landscaping solutions that lead to aesthetically appealing homes and offices, and ultimately result in better health and well-being of its patrons!

And, in an attempt to make our impeccable products within the reach of one and all, LifeWall has come up to be the only company in India to bring forth the model of e-commerce as well as resellers.

Reseller Model

Currently, LifeWall has 15 resellers all over India who are associated at different levels. This model has proved extremely beneficial for youngsters and housewives who are earning a good money by selling LifeWall products in their city.
We are aggressive on expanding our partner network across India and aiming to reach 100 resellers by year end.

For individuals or businesses seeking association with LifeWall, there is no requirement for any specific professional course or degree. All that is needed by the aspirant is a basic training and some guidance for few days. Following which, support will be availed as and when needed. 

Future Plans

We are planning to bring technology-enabled smart vertical gardens & garden air purifiers in near future. 

The smart vertical gardens will be connected with a mobile app where customers will get all the information regarding the installed plants and vegetables. The app will give their customers, notification and alerts such as which plants need nutrition, which plants need low or high watering, by what time a plant will give fruits or vegetables, etc.

Garden Air Purifiers will solve indoor air problems and will remove even the most mysterious symptoms with a natural solution and provide naturally moisturized and chemical-free indoor air.

Vertical Gardens are the future. With the benefits of health and happiness, they are a revolution that wants to see the end of the concrete and the start of nature reclaiming urban space and at LifeWall, this is exactly our mission.



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