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MBA In telecom management: The course for the growing India

Thursday April 13, 2017,

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Very few sectors in the country are making progress as fast as the Telecom Technology sector, which is making rapid advancements since the last decade. More sophisticated and newer technologies are being developed every day making the existing ones obsolete within a very short span of time. Thanks to this growing demand for more sophisticated technologies, there is a need for professionals who possess a critical understanding of the innovations and how they affect the requirements of the humankind. Filling this requirement in the field of telecom management is the MBA Telecommunication Management, which provides the requisite skills to become an effective telecom manager.

Along with the conventional masters in business administration, numerous institutions across the country are providing a PGDM in Telecom Management, which provides a broad understanding of the field along with providing the students with the required foundations. While the programs in telecom management have earned a reputation of being strenuous, one has to pay hPGDM in Telecom Managementeed to how enriching the program is considering the various facets that enable the holistic development of the students. The courses are also shaped to develop well-rounded and effective managers who are competent in all areas of specialisation that include marketing, operations and systems. Numerous conventional industries like hospitality, health care, banking, among numerous others are today being driven by the telecommunications technology.

With this growing demand in various industries, courses like the MBA in Telecommunication Management are gaining pace among the numerous conventional management programs that are up for the taking. Along with attaining the requisite skills in the telecom sector, the courses in telecom management are suitable for students who wish to enter the field of banking, automobile, FMCG's, retail among others. The courses in telecom management also address general education foundations that deals with theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of telecommunication systems and computer networks.

Combining various elements of data communication analysis with network systems, the students pursuing the following courses learn facets pertaining to telecommunication technologies, computer technologies, business practices, policy issues and information systems. In addition to the institutional academics, individuals are now exposed to various professional practices through internships and industrial experiences. Catering to the following needs is MIT School of Telecom, Pune, which since its inception has pioneered the field of telecom management. Being a part of MAEER'S MIT, one can be assured of being at the receiving end of quality education in the perfect surroundings, with the highly coveted MITSOT.