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5 Free Tools for Startups to Avoid Email Spam

No matter how good your subscriber list is, the emails you send need to be 100% professionally tested to ensure deliverability

I have been marketing my products and services using many email automation systems for the last 4 years or so. I continue to find less expensive ways with my email reach-out newsletters and other transactional emails. I will presume that most of us in this business are doing the same.

None the less, my email campaigns suffered low open rates. Many factors attributed to this, and my next quest was on improving these rates. I cleaned my subscriber lists, tested many factors of my email templates and sending domains, and was able to improve the open rates. There are few free tools to test your email before sending and then make necessary changes as advised by the testing tools. Yet, i couldn't find a single tool that was testing my email content for unintentional spam triggering words. I had to manually check against a big list of words and which was not possible to do every time. Here is a compiled list of Free tools for various kinds of tests to be performed before sending your email campaigns. 

Remember: No matter how good your subscriber list is, the emails you send need to be 100% professionally tested to ensure deliverability.

Here is a list of various tests that need to be done on your email prior to sending.

1. Test your email for SPAM Word Content Checker.

2. Test the Reputation of your Sending Domain.

3. Test for all technical aspects of your email here.

4. Email Subject Line Testing Tool.

5. Email platform compatibility test

Tip: Email marketing is the most profitable channel provided you use it with precision. You should not send your marketing emails from your primary domain, rather create another domain only to send marketing and transactional emails. The logical reason is to avoid your primary domain from getting blacklisted due to subscriber complaints. 


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