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Hustling for a job : This is the way to do it

Millenials shouldn’t wait for opportunities. They need to create their own

Hustling for a job : This is the way to do it

Monday June 26, 2017,

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Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of an more “Open and Connected world” might be in the process of happening. But when you zoom out and think, the world is become more accessible than ever.

You can access anything or anyone at any point of time. And that is the truth. But why isn’t anybody doing it for jobs yet?

The thing is, there has been no moment in time where there has been such a dearth of talent. Be it in the field of graphic design or iPhone development. Companies all over the world are looking for top talent. The good part is, there are people with talent as well. But who don’t have the confidence.

If you are a millenial and trying to figure out your career. In the timeless words of Jocko Willink - Take extreme ownership.

If you like a company, if you like a manager, if you like a startup. Reach out to them. There is no harm done. Even if your skillsets are work in progress, it doesn’t matter. A lot of people hire for attitude.

Take the example of Travis Kalanick trying to get a co-founder. Travis tweeted saying he’s looking for top product managers for a up and coming startup. A guy called Ryan Graves responded to the tweet and both of them met.

Ryan Graves became the CEO initially and is the SVP currently in Uber. His networth is close to $1.5 Billion

If Ryan Graves went through the traditional route of getting hired. He wouldn’t be getting these experiences or putting himself in such a top position.

Do you see how random that hiring was? It was because, he kept his eyes peeled open and was open for opportunities. More about that story here.

The same goes for you. Go grab your opportunities. So how do you find these guys?

Use an email finding service like Find That Email

Enter the name and company name and boom you get the email address.

You don’t even have to pay for it. You get 50 free email address with the free plan. The only thing missing now is the attitude and the emailing skills.

Here is a template to give you an idea. Don’t copy, use this as a guide and work your magic.

Remember this might not work for

High profile, celebrity CEO’s

Hey <Name of the person>,

This maybe a random email out of the blue. But I just need 5 minutes of your time.

I’m <Your name> and I am <What you do>. I am an ardent fan of <company> and I like the company because of <List reasons>

I’ve observed a few things about <company> and done my research.

<List points of observation. What they can improve etc>

I would love to work with <company> in some way or form. Would you be interested in meeting me <Place and Time> or wherever works for you.


<Your Name>

What you’ve established in this email is :

An Interest in the company and their vision

That you are a self starter and can bring valuable insights by doing your research

You are a go-getter

This doesn’t only work for companies in the Indian context. It works for companies that hire remotely as well. So don't just wait there. Get moving. Take Ownership for your life and career.