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Taking pride in selling

“There is no such thing as selling B2B,B2C. All sales are always P2P-People to People”

“There is no such thing as selling B2B,B2C. All sales are always P2P-People to People”

1. What is selling

Selling is not nothing but the transfer of enthusiasm from seller to buyer. Supposing you become as enthusiastic about my product as I am , you would up buying it ,would not you ? I am not enthusiastic about my own product , I have no right sell it. Which means , if I am not passionate about my own product ,why should anyone else be ? How can I sell it ? When a doctor would not prescribed a medicine to his own child then he has no right for anyone .

You are being cheating when you did not believe in the –

1. You are not a good sells person .

2. You are cheating people.

3. People sense it instinctively and get a feeling of discomfort.

2. Are Sells Person Born or Made

The mistaken believe is that one need no qualification or talent to succeed in the profession of selling .the fact is that selling skills are acquired even by great , effective professionals . None of us are Born with them.

3. Principle of Selling

1. Focus on the goal.

2. Learn to relate to people.

3. Give and get respect.

4. Commitment to be good sales professional.

5. Learn to ask question to direct the sells call.

6. Lead generation and prospecting.

7. Provide solution .

8. Uncover the lead of customer.

9. Learn how to stay motivated and how to handle rejection.

10. Avoid the mistake and learn from experience.

11. Build trust.

4. Selling is a Win-Win or Lose-Lose Game

When a sell is complete and we sold a solution to some people.it means we have helped the buyer and get a rid of some problem. When the seller sell the solution , it is called Win-Win ,because both parties end up gaining.

Imagine if your could be of benefit to some one and you provide the benefit for an investment , in that case , both parties are losing , that is called Lose-Lose game. the seller his lost his time forever and the potential source of revenue and the buyer has been deprived of a solution .By completing the transaction both parties gain , that is Win-Win game.

5.Marketing startegic sources of revenue , but only sales get revenues

Selling is considered to be a function of marketing .when seles result are good ,marketing takes credit ,when the sales are bad the sales department and salespeople are blammed.

6. Why has Selling become a bigger challenge today than it was yesterday?

1. Today a buyer has many more option ,

2. Competition has also become sophisticated

3. Media has made people more knowledgeable and aware

4. That is the term called “CAVEAT EMPTOR” which means Buyer Beware that is the old thinking .today the scenario is Seller Beware . why the Seller Beware ?This because the seller is perceived as an expert in his field. the buyer is relaying on the seller trustworthiness , character and competition to sell him the right product .this is where the seller integrity is put to rest. 


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