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Why Snapdeal should be kept away from Flipkart


With rumours and board room meeting going rogue for investors and founders inside snapdeal , here are my reasons why snapdeal should be kept from hands of Flipkart.

It's Snapdeal

How many times have you heard of business changing its directions completely , I am into family business even a small change requires tremendous energy but snapdeal in today avatars took many directional changes from coupon physics distributions to daily deals sites to online seller ( intitally they started sellers selling on their own ) before changing to Marketplaces for sellers to sell online to eCommerce enablers ( payment company freecharge , Logistics company Vulcan express , and most important snapdeal itself) .

Whereas Flipkart started with vision of selling online with delightful customer support as mission but Flipkart business was today is almost same as it was back in 2007 , except for categories expansion. ( nothing much like snapdeal journey ) and acquisitions.

Even today Snapdeal ( Ghar Ki company ) is run by founders whereas Flipkart is run by investors champ.

Snapdeal may be lost in eCommerce battle because battle for supremacy was always between Flipkart and amazon but thing is eCommerce is itself not defined by top 2 players it is and always will have companies like snapdeal whose charm will make bigger boys to run for cover.

For investors of snapdeal it is once in lifetime opportunity to invest in companies like snapdeal as Vani Kola says it " We believe in the long-term potential of Snapdeal." and for Snapdeal's Kunal Bahl she is working mother for him. Even in 2013, Snapdeal was about to run out of cash for its business, still it came back on its own thanks to investor like Vani Kola. When they can turn round in 2013 why not today. Just because one investor (soft bank) wants to exit and clear its balance sheet does not mean business itself should be siphoned to copy caters of eCommerce like Flipkart. ( whose all products and services are literally copied from amazon but literally iterated for India with due respect )

What about people who ran Snapdeal, incase merger does successfully with Flipkart , its core team and its employees will ripped apart like toilet papers with once needed will be kept rest flushed including founders of snapdeal.

This is not how snapdeal founders, investors , customers and sellers wanted snapdeal story to go. Certainly day to day decision of snapdeal have turned against them , for snapdeal it's catalyst for next avatar to come.

Hope snapdeal remains as it is with team who loves them more.


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