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Restaurant Dining Space in India, all set for a transformation

By 2020 , in more than 50% of the dining restaurants in Tier-1, Tier-2 cities of India, customers shall be using Tablet Menu, to view and place orders, while they are dining in restaurants.

URBANWAND, a company based in Gurgaon is spearheading this transformation via their Tablet Menu integrated Business Maximization Platform for the restaurants

For the customer, this makes the restaurant dining experience much more pleasant and entertaining since now the menu says more with pictures, descriptions & recommendations which are quite a times hard to get by from the busy and sometimes not so trained waiters. In addition, customer can now review his order more accurately, order without having to wave and shout for the waiter, get recommendations, keep a tab on the bill and ask for customizations with surety of them being passed on to the kitchen. The icing on the cake are the surprise offers and deals discounts if customer hangs out a little longer and wants to consume more. With feedback integrated, customer is assured that his inputs are always reaching the restaurant owners and managers and getting the value they deserve resulting in better dining experiences on repeat visits.

For the restaurant, a happy customer is the key and the solution is aimed at continually maximizing the restaurant business by improving the customer engagement and satisfaction. The restaurant can innovate with their menu and offerings any day any time without worrying about how to present and communicate it to the customers. The orders are maximized using unique techniques which engage customers to hang out for more time and consume more. The customers are also motivated to promote the restaurant in their social networks resulting in more word of mouth for the restaurant. All this with streamlined and efficient operations with lesser staff ensure restaurant wins and make their customers win.

The UrbanWand analytics system provides the restaurant decision makers a no nonsense, simple and actionable report backed with data to continually maximize their business.

The team at UrbanWand is working and available round the clock to maximize the business of the restaurants by making life easy and fun for customers, restaurant owners and its staff.

Journey so far

They began rolling out in April, 2016 and are growing at an aggressive pace having signed up 17 customers already, ranging from Casual Diner, Fine Diner, Bar n Lounge, Coffee shop and others. They are demonstrating increase in Average Price of Consumer(APC), and seeing rapid growth of transactions.

Based in Gurgaon, the company is making difference to restaurants in Gurgaon and Delhi. They shall be in 100 outlets by end of year. And are planning to rapidly scale the model across India in 2017.

About Team

Amit Modi, an established Technology Leader experienced in leading cross-functional teams in fast paced startup environments. He holds a B. Tech from IIT Delhi (1999) and was last heading Technology at Infibeam Incorporation, Delhi.

Mugizhnan Sambandhamoorthy: A Corporate Leader with successful track record of driving & establishing business at leading MNCs like MasterCard, Lufthansa Airplus in AreaCountries and India respectively.


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