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Vastu Shastra

About vastu how it will help you against your problems.

Vastu word is making from vastu that means what is doing all this word that is already fixed from god. Vastu Shastra is called architectural related. Vastu Shastra is not a modern theme, but its importance has been going on for ages. Vastu Shastra shapes and sizes of the land, to be the direction of the house, land and investigate things get too much. During the time of rising inflation, while increasing human Avshyktay, houses have been a big problem, if your house is the dream of every human being. Is not the only option to buy land to build a house? The logo will be heard is not the fruit of the ground, which means straight forward he is not good for him. So is having the time of purchase of the land from a classical architectural scholars Info and correctly detected that the ground is good or bad for him. Large and small landowners as per your requirement with various sizes require plots. There is land for construction of houses of different appearance, which Following is –

1) Rectangular Plot-

Such plots are the same length and same width. This is thought to be living on the plot that follows the entire life of happiness and peace of such people. This type can be equipped and have beautiful houses to be constructed on the plot.

2) Circle Plot-

The round shape of the land plot it is called Circle. The ground shook and the financial and other resources and is drawn to their glory. This land is the most important feature is that it has developed a means of income.

3) Square plot-

The plot is similar to the four angles of the square plot width Length are equals. This can be a very beautiful house on the land. Build houses on the land because of the sorrow - poverty would destroy forever the abode of Lakshmi’s.

4) Triangular plot-

The triangular plot, hence the triangular plot is eating. To dwell upon the earth by the landlord and the homeowner is unlucky; the homeowner is faced with a variety of distresses family problem, legal woes. As far as try to possible not to buy such land.

5) Ringed plot-

This is the land of the cycle that comes and Therefore, it is ringed eat plot. The land is considered to be unlucky totally for paterfamilias. The misery and poverty of living increases Empire. Diseases and disorders remains, the money goes to.

Thus we can say that not all land can only be said to be neither good nor bad. Vashikaran specialist baba ji Vastu Shastra is that higher education and the appropriate place and time, please explain your house so that you will be able to get fame. We have to Avsykta, according to the nature and business to choose the plot.


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