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Understanding the importance of salesforce healthcare validation

Salesforce Healthcare Validation

Healthcare, pharma and life sciences industries always prefer to use the Salesforce platform and software because it meets the regulatory requirements of FDA. According to the regulations of FDA, any software used for business operations needs due validation so that the data generated from it is treated as authentic. Salesforce is widely employed in industries regulated by FDA, and you might contemplate that you too can start using it.

Salesforce is not already validated but ready for validation, which means that you must go through the process of Salesforce healthcare validation before you can start using it. The validation enables the software to comply with the FDA regulations even though it has elaborate security features built into it. The validation becomes necessary because the FDA regulations are more specific to the industry. You will know more on this topic as well as aspects of data security as you keep reading this article.

Keeping data secured

Data is sensitive for business, and you must protect it with utmost care for safe storage and proper distribution so that data reaches only to the right people. Rampant and uncontrolled sharing of data can be very harmful to business as unscrupulous people to whom it reaches due to poor control might wrongfully use it. Under no circumstances, you can allow data to reach unintended people especially if you are dealing with sensitive data related to the public sector, financial services, and healthcare industry. That is the reason that FDA imposes strict regulations to keep data under constant vigil and control. Arranging for controlled access to data is the responsibility of the company using the software so that there is no scope of misuse of sensitive personal information that circulates within the financial and healthcare industries.

The data security features of Salesforce

As Salesforce is an FDA compliant software, it has suitable security measures in place that makes the software completely trustworthy. For protecting data, the system adopts strict password policies leaving no room for any discretion. Also, it uses a two-factor authentication process that gives an additional layer of security. Since the security system is completely free from any bias and it is not possible to circumvent it, users can use the system with full confidence, as the trust level is the same throughout the system. All users have access to features that bring complete transparency to the system, as every activity that happens within the system is visible to all.

Salesforce meets the FDA regulations

Healthcare companies have very particular needs to respond to regulatory requirements of FDA that the Salesforce software is capable of fulfilling. Pharma, healthcare and life sciences industries use Salesforce because it meets the conditions of 21 CFR part 11, a unique set of FDA regulations that govern the use of computer systems in a regulated environment and you can get it duly validated.

By using Salesforce, you make your intention clear about complying with the rules of FDA, or else why would you use software that FDA endorses.

Author bio: Bill Williams is a software developer who has worked with companies like Flosum.com. His exposure and experience of working with pharma companies make him a specialist for software used regulated industries. He is an amateur golfer who wields the club whenever time permits.


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