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Retailoid.com closes USD 450,000 Seed Funding.

Retailoid.com closes USD 450,000 Seed Funding.

Friday January 13, 2017,

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Catering to a niche of innovative e-tailing business, Retailoid.com has closed a seed funding of USD 450,000 towards their growth plans and investment strategies.

Being a unique E-commerce player, Retailoid.com have been dealing with innovative and first time in India type products. Over achieving their sales target for the Third quarter of 2016 and maintaining an excellent sales and service track record, an Undisclosed Angel Investor have aligned themselves to the ideology of Retailoid.com.

While E-tailing giants are posting loses and cash burn, Retailoid.com has been quite steady in their growth. Hence, growing faith and robustness to the funding circles. Retailoid.com targets at renewing a lost innovation market in such way to motivate both its customers and investors to innovate themselves.

This funding also marks exciting times for Retailoid.com who intend to rollout ground breaking and innovative features to boost up their sales and to unclench a customers burden. Special features which will make their debut in India in 2017 will not be unique, but also, this will be the first time any e-tailer would provide such a feature.

The investment is planned and proposed to increase the sales, better customer support and more accurate deliveries. A good percentage has also been proposed for marketing collateral.

Retailoid.com also plans for investment in their technology stacks, mobile apps and server enhancements. This seed funding round will be soon supported by round 1 funding from multiple VCs. The growth rate of the company has been tremendous and they continue to climb.

Here’s wishing them All the Luck and Success.