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How to get free business listing on Google?

Google Local is a special profile listing which distinguishes the local search and normal global search.

If you have a local business, it’s very important to have a local business listing on Google Local. Why Google Local?

Google Local is a special profile listing which distinguishes the local search and normal global search.

So, if a customer searches for ‘shoes in New York’, they will view a map-based listing of all the top local shoe store in New York with contact information and reviews.

A 100% optimized profile page on Google Local means you can add offers, coupons, and post comments on the reviews to increase the visibility of your profile easily and connect with potential local customers. As the number of customers grows, it will result in high search engine rankings also.

In this post, we will talk about the various steps to set up a Google Local Business Listing easily.

Step 1--> Visit business.google.com

It is a Google’s business-specific web portal where you can create a Google account or log into an existing one.

Step 2--> Search for your business name by name or address

 If your listing is already present, you can claim the business listing easily.

If it is not present, you need to click on ‘No, these are not my businesses’ and then enter your own information.

Step 3--> Build Your Profile

 You need to enter the information including address, phone number, and complete business name.

 You can also add photos or other information like choose the categories to list your business, hours of operation, modes of payment, USP of the business, and link to your video profile related to your business.

Step 4-->Complete The Verification Process

 Once finished, Google will ask for verification through the phone number or send a postcard.

 If you verify your account using the phone number, Google considers it as a ‘trust vote’ and will start pushing ads easily.

Step 5-->Steps If You Do Not Have A Physical Address

 If you do not have a physical address and serve your customers from a mobile address (very common for a hot-dog outlet), you need to edit your business listing.

 To do this, you need to log into your Google business account and go to ‘edit info’, click on ‘address’ and then click on the box for ‘I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location’.

 From there, you can enter the cities or the zip codes of your mobile business location. You can specify the list of cities and the zip codes for better profile visibility.

Step 6-->Profile Maintenance And Further Optimization

 Once you have set-up the profile, you need to maintain the listing by adding news products/services, deals, and coupons to grab the attention of the customers.

 You can also post customer video reviews. You need to respond to the reviews also at the same time. If there are any special events coming up related to your business, you can add these events along with the photos.

 In a nutshell, you can follow the above steps and get a free business listing. However, to achieve top rankings on Google Local, you need to optimize your website also.

 You need to build and link back your profile from popular search engine listing sites like Yelp.

 You can encourage your customers to post reviews there. It helps to generate ‘trust vote’ from Google and enhance the ranking of your local business listing profile also.

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Reference : Originally Published by w3era https://www.w3era.com/get-free-business-listing-google.htm


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