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How to make a right match between Investors and entrepreneurs

Is it time for investors & entrepreneurs for right match?

How to make a right match between Investors and entrepreneurs

Monday December 18, 2017,

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Today, the start-up segment is slowly gaining momentum in India because there are many budding entrepreneurs who have path-breaking ideas for products & services. However, building an enterprise is not an easy task; hard work, endurance, integrity is put to the test. One of the most prominent shortcomings entrepreneurs face is acquiring the essential capital and sustaining their business.


On many occasions, start-ups or businesses at large are over-exposed to equity funding, thus losing the essence of the business which leads to its closure. Ankit Totla, a Chartered Accountant, realized a common issue that many entrepreneurs have, in that they have innovative business ideas but due to lack of business growth plans and financial guidance they fail. Ankit has spent considerable amount of time in startup space and has served as a Virtual CFO for quite a few companies where he was also involved in guiding their managerial decisions. This is when he realized that these entrepreneurs need a platform that not only assists them in raising funds but also assists their enterprise through its growth journey. Ankit joined hands with Mr. Himanshu Dhabalia, who has accumulated years of experience in the field of Information Technology, to launch Investimonial with an intention of bridging the gap between genuine investors and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Investimonial is one of its kind initiative offering a unique platform for both investors & entrepreneurs helping them grow together with their vast category of database. Investimonial connects potential investors to their next great idea (start-ups/businesses) which will reap benefits for both parties.

To make it a certified deal, the registered startups are screened and verified by a renowned third-party agency; only after which they are viewed by the investors, along with the screening report. Investimonial also provides guidance to entrepreneurs who are at an early stage of their business by assisting them build a business plan which will be structured and is presented to the investors. The platform allows the entrepreneurs to check the exact number of times their profile was viewed by an investor. Investimonial also guides entrepreneurs & highlights the key points that are missing to get an investor on board. Apart from the above-mentioned features, they also provide some value added services like Financial Modelling, Creating Business Plans, Valuation Assistance, etc.

The platform allows entrepreneurs to be visible to a vast and ever-growing database of investors who are on a lookout to invest in a reliable and safe venture and impart knowledge that they’ve gained with their years of experience.

One of the notable features about Investimonial is that entrepreneurs cannot reach out to investors unless the investors initiate the conversation. Once an investor matches with an entrepreneur, they can move on to the next level which is in-portal conversation. Furthermore, they can discuss key points like making offers, negotiations, counter offers and on mutual consensus, they can then finalize the deal. A methodology to track the promised payments is also built in the platform for 100% transparency.

Ankit Totla further explains that “We also provide a helping hand to all our subscribers who are just entering into the market with our value-added services to guide and teach them every aspect that is required to convert an idea into reality. People interested in investing to diversify their portfolio will have a whole host of start-ups to choose from, on signing up on our platform. It’s literally bringing world at their fingertips.”

As the entire world is on a constant urge for new innovations and ease of service sector, Investimonial seems like the need of an hour. It enables the investors to select their choice of business to invest in which will help develop their portfolios. Each start-up can be filtered by category and investment size.

Himanshu Dhabalia says “With our vast experience and expertise in the field we look forward to spreading benefits to a lot of startups and witness their growth history”.

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