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'Food for All' is a reality with Trestro. You eat out, the underprivileged enjoy a meal too!

Trestro the restaurant dining app, shares a meal with the underprivileged through SilverSpoon every time you book a table at the restaurant  

We all love eating out, don’t we? The phenomenal rise of food photo sharing apps blog posts, video tutorials and the likes has further fuelled the world’s eating spree, what with our favourite food bloggers, restaurants, our family and friends posting drool worthy pictures every day. We all love to eat and share, well; by share I mean share the food pictures on social media. Now, consider this. What if, in addition to eating out and sharing the food pictures you could actually share a meal with an underprivileged kid? What if every time you dined out at a place of your liking, a kid somewhere in your vicinity also savoured a meal, that would be something and totally soul soothing right?

This is precisely what Trestro, a Pune-based startup which is still in its beta phase has been doing and aims to continue with even more vigor considering the kind of response they’ve been garnering with the food sharing programme SilverSpoon through Trestro. Venturing into the arena of Social Entrepreneurship they’ve aptly christened the food sharing initiative as ‘SilverSpoon’.

"Share your spoon, spread their smile"

Trestro is an app by Pune based Start-up that aims to assist fine dining connoisseurs and food enthusiasts with booking tables at their favourite restaurants The founder is keen on carrying out the philanthropic act with not just the booking of a table, they believe in doing their bit to feed as many hungry stomachs as possible through app downloads & registrations, contests, food-hops and any such promotional activity leading to progressive growth of Trestro as a company. The restaurants that are registered with the firm donate food to be provided to the poor and homeless people.

Launched in late 2015, Trestro aims at making table reservations easy for the customers who love dining out regularly. Bored of waiting in long queues, the founders of Trestro came up with the idea of easy, quick and free online table reservations at the city’s favorite spots. Right now, they have tie-ups with 150 plus fine dining restaurants across Pune. It’s a conscious and constant endeavour of the Trestro app founders to nourish the lower strata of the society in sync with the company’s growth by getting together the concept of actual meal sharing. So now, it’s not just about your dining out experience but actually satiating a hungry child. ‘We didn’t want to just solve the problem of table booking easy but also to have a set pattern to benefit the underprivileged kids.

Creating an ecosystem of ONE FOR ONE donation Model; Trestro users will be mapped with the recipient of the meal

It’s been very critical...it’s really just about telling the story and getting it out there. And when we do that, more and more people want to be part of it and want to help. That’s really been a critical part of the mission; it is not just being like “they are a brand and they have to do it  ” but rather getting people to write about it, email about it, share the videos, write on the blog...it’s really a very inclusive company so that we can get more people participating. 

More information at : http://trestro.com/SilverSpoon .                                                                 For Generation of your Spoon Download the Trestro App and register now on : Google Playstore: http://bit.ly/1OUqU3p &  Apple Appstore: http://bit.ly/1KPC8Ke 



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