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Why jumping the retail bandwagon is like a train journey

Retail in India is like boarding unreserved compartment of the Indian Railways

To understand retail in India you must understand and experience boarding an unreserved compartment of the Indian Railways. It will start with a huge entry barrier- no body(retailers) will allow you to enter, they are traveling from a very long time and have established a good equation and comfort, they do not want you to disturb them.

Hold on, do not leave the platform or wait for another train because all are the same. Put your foot on the space available in the foot-board, hang on, it is risky. This is the risk that most of them(entrepreneurs) take. Holding that handrail and foot on very little space, will make some of them sympathise towards you and will allow you to get in, that is your first win. 

Celebrate that because most of them have either left the station already or are waiting for the next train. Now that you have arrived, slowly make your way towards the small available spaces (shelves), if you are lucky enough you might be on a berth or a luggage rack- do not hesitate to take whatever is available.

Start CBMs (confidence building measures)-offer some tea and snacks (discounts) and wait for some time, the fellow passengers(retailer) will open their lunch box. Do not be impatient, wait, he will offer you lunch and space (shelve)both. Love the journey and wait for the TTE to offer you a berth in either reserved or AC compartment