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5 Entrepreneurs of Indian Origin everyone Should Follow

Entrepreneurs are one that everyone should follow they come from humble background and it is their drive and passion that have driven them to their success today.

Indians continue to rise in the entrepreneurial space, making a name for themselves. There are more Indian entrepreneurs today than ever before and most are a force to be reckoned with be it in India or globally.

The following 5 Indian entrepreneurs are one that everyone should follow. They come from humble background and it is their drive and passion that have driven them to their success today. By following them, you can learn from their ups and downs in pursuit of your own dreams.

1. Sundar Pichai

Who knew that the son of a manager at an electrical object manufacturing company in Tamil Nadu would grow up to become the first Indian CEO of Google? Sundar Pichai beat a lot of odds to reach where he is today. Growing up in India, Pichai was schooled in Chennai and went on to complete his Bachelors from IIT Kharagpur.

He was accepted into Stanford University in their material sciences and engineering program where Pichai completed his Masters in Science. He also went on to do his MBA from Wharton School at UPenn. After getting an education from such prestigious universities, Pichai chose to start a career working for McKinsey and Company, a consultancy firm, working for their engineering and product management department.

He joined Google in 2004 and move up through the ranks becoming the CEO in 2015. He has a huge following on social media platforms and serves as an inspiration to many.

Considered to be one of the most successful CEOs of Indian origin to date, his knowledge and insights are definitely one everyone needs to be aware of.

2. Neil Patel

Neil Patel wasn’t always a marketing wiz. At the age of 16 Patel took a crack at an online business but failed with little to no result. He established a website that didn’t generate much buzz and there wasn’t a lot of help available online either, which prompted Patel to learn about online marketing on his own.

The rest is pretty much history as Patel has made a name for himself as one of the most influential marketers. Patel started off working as a marketing consultant for a few different companies but in 2017 decided to form a digital agency with his co-founder Mike Kamo. The pair had worked together for about seven years before they decided to start Neilpatel.com.

Whether you need insights about online marketing or want to learn about the basics of establishing an online business, Neil Patel is your guy. He is regarded as one of the biggest voice when it comes to online marketing with over 1 million blog visitors per month.

3. Sabeer Bhatia

Like most immigrants in the US, Sabeer Bhatia migrated with limited funds. He only had $250 in his pockets when he moved at the age of 19. That didn’t stop him from being one of the founders of Hotmail, a free e-mailing platform that was later bought by Microsoft for $400 million.

Bhatia did have some prior experience in IT having worked at Apple Computer and Firepower Systems Inc. He worked as a hardware engineer at Apple. His education provided him with a platform to his success having done his BS from Caltech and MS from Stanford.

While Bhatia no longer has any association with Hotmail, his knowledge on engineering and business insights still make him a person everyone should follow. He helps individuals tap into their strengths to help fulfill their lifelong dream of becoming entrepreneurs.

4. Sidd Pagidipati

Sidd Pagidipati was an Analyst at an investment bank that turned into a blessing for the Health/IT sector. He has contributed to numerous global brand such as America’s First Choice Health Plus, which is considered to be one of the biggest Medicare Advantage HMO.

Pagidipati is highly regarded in the entrepreneurial circles making the Inc 500 list in 2009 coming in at number 7. He also serves as a mentor in the Vision Circle for Xprize which gives organizations prize money for ideas in various domains. Pagidipati serves to mentor these organization ensuring they have the right approach to succeed.

Whether you are just starting a business or looking to scale up, Pagidipati’s knowledge can help you. He has worked with numerous startups helping them with problems related to leadership and management. He shares his knowledge on various platforms which is why everyone should follow him.

5. Lakshmi Pratury

With two MBAs, one from Bajaj Institute in India and the second from Portland State University in the US, Pratury has established herself a successful woman entrepreneur from India. She is currently the CEO of INK and its founder. Similar to TED, INK serves as a platform where ideas and inspiring stories are shared.

Pratury is a speaker and curator herself and considered to be an inspirational icon. In fact, she won the “Inspirational Icon” award in 2015 at the Audi Ritz Award. In 2010, she was also included in the “Women to Watch in Asia” list by Forbes. She serves as an inspiration and shares content to help inspire individuals, which is why everyone should follow her.


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