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5 Tips by Rudy Abboud to Help You Become the Ultimate Food Blogger!

“Food is an item endorsed by tailors everywhere; the more you eat the more you gain weight, the more their business grows.” - Rudy Abboud.

5 Tips by Rudy Abboud to Help You Become the Ultimate Food Blogger!

Tuesday August 06, 2019,

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Food Blogger

Image Credit: Rudy Abboud

You live to eat or eat to live? Do you wish to try new recipes? Desire to become an ultimate food blogger? Wondering from where to start? Blogging is quite trending these days because it doesn’t require any education certificate but just a creativity.

Anyone can run a food blog but making it an effective one requires diligent work, dedication, as well as excellent presentation. There are many food blogs that you can see easily these days; but few of them became successful food bloggers.

Rudy Abboud, one of the most successful food blogger have shared some tips that can help you to become a successful blogger like him. If you really want to become a food blogger, check out some interesting below points shared by him. Let’s get started!

Creative content

Somebody rightly said, ‘content is king’. So as to get a good amount of money, you need to create something trending in order to get enough traffic to the website and the next challenge is to retain them. You can click high-quality pictures of your appetizing dishes as well as their ingredients. As said, ‘pictures have the power to attract the attention of people’. Nowadays, people give much importance to appealing pictures that persuade them to visit the blog.

There are numerous ways by which you can edit your picture and make it look luscious. Quality and appealing pictures of dishes will motivate readers & create curiosity to check the recipes you will write.

But still, there are some people who enjoy reading articles too. For such people, you can include an attractive and informative caption below each picture of your dish. You can also add a precise paragraph about the recipe or specialty of that particular dish.

The point to note here is that, you need to publish your food recipes as well as creative posts on a regular basis. Why? Since it will increase customers traffic to the website and also visitors will visit your site with the hope of reading something new. This way, you can easily become a successful food blogger in few months.

Rock Solid Recipe

Don’t think that people will only give attention to the food blog; they will follow the recipe for making food too. It’s totally about sharing delicious recipes. By sharing unique recipes, you can increase traffic to your website and can become a successful blogger. 

Remember, the audience only loves to eat food and they wish to eat something new always. So, ensure to share some unique recipes that no one have ever shared before on their website. You might be wondering how it’s possible! The same type of dish you can easily prepare by using different ingredients. This way, you can share a secret recipe with your audiences.

Network with fellow bloggers and connect with readers

Try to put some efforts in connecting with other experienced fellow bloggers. You can also attend some great blogger meets and can connect with experienced bloggers through their food blogs. This way you can learn many things if they have years of experience. Now, when it’s about readers, ensure you revert to their queries as well as comment as early as possible.

Facebook groups: This is an ideal means to start networking with fellow bloggers. You can ask as many questions that you have in your mind and can get full support from numerous bloggers.

Comment on blogs: You can start commenting on other blog posts since it’s vital to show other food bloggers you actually support them. When they observe that you are interested in their blogs, you are making an important connection.

Promote your blog

There are many social media sites where you can promote your food blog. Instagram account, no doubt, is perfect for posting photos of the recipes. Also, you can encourage users to visit the blog to check out the complete dish recipe.

Make use of hashtags and give a quirky name to your blog. Tag people and ask them to follow your blog. Post recipes daily as much as you can since promotion plays an imperative role in the accomplishment of the food blog.

·        Set an account on social media like Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram to share the recipes.

·        Post videos on YouTube.

·        Make use of content upgrades so as to hold the attention of readers.

Monetize your food blog

As already mentioned above, try to first focus on creating attractive content. After that, start monetizing your blog. You can only be able to earn money if you have enough traffic on your website.

Advertisement revenues, eBook guides, online courses, text link advertisements, affiliate revenue, pay per click advertisements are numerous ways by which you can earn money from your blog. The more traffic you invite, the more money you create and hence brand recognition.

Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article and it helped you in knowing more about the tips for becoming a successful food blogger. The above given top 5 tips by Rudy Abboud will surely help you in becoming an ultimate food blogger you always dreamt of.

Every person has their own reason for becoming a food blogger. Some people love cooking and wish to share their recipes with foodies around the world. While some make it as their profession. You need to focus on a specific segment. There's no use of becoming jack of all traits and master of none!

Not everyone can post about cakes, or wines or spices. Look around and pick something suitable. Food niche, no doubt, is quite important so as to get your own specific audience.

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