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5 ways corporate people save money on their regular expenses

With increasing costs and demand for the products, companies offer various products and their services on cheap prices to sustain in the market.

With increasing costs and demand for the products, companies offer various products and their services on cheap prices to sustain in the market. However, not all of them are suitable for middle-class employees and corporate people. One needs to wise enough to make choices for the purchase they do for some of the inevitable things like travel, movies, food and shopping.

Let’s see some of the simple ways corporate people use to save some dollars-

Purchase of electronic items like Laptops and Mobile phones

I happen to know a colleague buying a Lenovo laptop at the price of CAD 2000 during a promotional offer provided to corporate employees while the actual price of the high-end laptop was around CAD 3500. Even if you use some promo code provided by their own website, you might not be able to save this much. Be in touch with your friends and colleagues regarding corporate offers provided in their organizations. You might end up saving a lot. Many companies offer work perks on a regular basis which you need to know before making any big purchase like Laptop or mobile phones

Purchase of travel tickets

Buying travel tickets for an international trip might cost you an arm and a leg if you don’t make use of some of the simple tips. Many airlines provide offers at regular intervals for advance ticket booking where they offer huge discounts. If you can be sure about a future trip, make use of it. Other websites like travel planners can be even more helpful as they gather data from all airlines across the globe to provide you with the best offers, including some dollar savings on your Mastercard or Visa apart from promo codes. Make use of them, these will save you some bucks as well.

Movie ticket booking

Who doesn’t like going to movies? But they are costly especially during weekends when everyone gathers to malls and cinemas. But, there are simple ways to save money on the tickets you purchase. There are various apps for movie ticket booking which offer a huge discount like buy one and get one, or get flat some percentage off on your first booking and so on. Not a bad idea. Make use of all the apps as a first-timer until you are exhausted with the list. You will save a lot of bucks.

Hotel bookings for your travel

Everyone expects a decent stay as they stay at their home with all comfort. Hotels do provide all comfort but they charge you heavy bucks in return. Direct hotel discounts websites will definitely be more costly and hotel booking planner websites can be cheaper which you can make use of. They have direct ties with the hotels and provide discounts on your stay. Make use of all promo codes and discounts they offer, you will save some money.


Planning to buy something online? Have you selected a particular product and you are able to hit the button to buy? Before you do so, check the prices of the same product on competitor sites. Sometimes, you get their internal discounts or discount offered by your credit card or debit card, particularly for that website. Why not make use of it and save some bucks. Apart from that, one can make use of their flyers to understand when they are planning to launch a discounted sale, make use of it to save some money.

Above are some of the useful and common tips to save money on your various purchases on day to day basis. Proper planning, research and making use of available resources can help you save a lot. 


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