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5 Ways to Enhance Software Testing for Startups

Software Testing for Startups

So much research has been conducted to identify the main cause of startup failures. One of the major reasons for such failures is poor quality assurance during the software development lifecycle. The main reason behind executing rigorous QA on the software is to prevent the delivery of low-quality products to the end-customers.

Here are 5 ways to improve software testing for the startups.

1. Plan the QA and Testing Processes

The test processes must be well documented, defined and planned. Good documentation is the main tool used in building effective communication within the software. therefore, effective planning encompasses the formation of quality and test plans required for a project.

2. Apply Test-oriented Software Development Management

Applying a test-oriented management technique is an excellent method to enhance the software quality. Extreme programming is a software development technique with an objective to produce good quality software with an ability to adapt to varying requirements. It one of the best ways to improve quality. It encompasses test-driven development and paid programming.

3. Conducting Formal Technical Reviews

Software engineers conduct formal technical reviews (FTR) to reveal logical and functional errors at early phases. It is a sort of group meeting at which attendants with certain role guarantee that developed software meets the predefined requirements and standards.

In addition to this, conducting a formal technical review assists to prevent errors and decrease the risk of implementation and logical errors in advance. It also assists a production team to observe the entire product’s features that make development more manageable.

4. Guarantee an Appropriate Work Environment for Your QA team

Testing comprises of different activities that are performed by various specialists. Roles are specified at the planning phase in a test plan to organize a smoothly-run test. QA comprises of three common roles:

•   QA lead

•   Automation QA engineer

•   Manual QA engineer

Every role has its own tools, responsibilities and skill sets to operate with. You are advised to learn more, in order to set proper interaction with QA team.

5. Apply User Acceptance Testing

During product development, testers use user personas to identify a typical user or perfect customer for your product. It is a fictional character with behavior patterns and goals of the target audience of your product. QA teams make use of the user personas to identify where and how to find a bug. However, following persona guidance cannot forecast the complete range of behavior patterns. To guarantee that your app meets user requirements, you must take end-user testing into consideration. 


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