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Five steps for picking the right paint scheme for your home

We love the idea of redecorating our homes. However, we hate the idea of picking a color scheme. The process of choosing a paint or color scheme is rather daunting.

We love the idea of redecorating our homes. However, we hate the idea of picking a color scheme. The process of choosing a paint or color scheme is rather daunting. You need to choose a color for the living room, then an accent color, maybe a texture, will the ceiling be dull? Should you include a picture frame on that wall if you pick the other color?

The entire process is so confusing for some of us that we simply give up and settle for the status quo.

However, at the end of the day, which is the right color for your living room? Does your bedroom need a complete do-over or a simple retouching? Here are five of the best-kept secrets from the professional’s cove that Broomfield painters will tell you today.

i. Choose the paint color last

What? Did you read that right? Well, absolutely! This is true for all new house-owners. If you are moving into a new home painting, it first seems like a better idea. However, once you start decorating a room, you will find certain accent furniture pieces that will tend to overthrow your color palate. Your paint choice should complement your home furniture and accessory. Do not let the choice of colors distort the perception of space.

ii. Take your time

The next biggest mistake most new homeowners make. Do not rush while making your choice. Choose your color scheme with lots of deliberation. Living with bare walls for two days is better than living with regrettable paint choices for the next two years. Take into consideration the light and shadows of the room, the furniture colors and the overall mood of the room.

iii. Go for professional recommendations

If you are confused after taking into account all factors that should affect the choice of color palettes, ask for professional help. You can book an appointment with professional painters and paint houses who can evaluate your home within a day and suggest the best colors that will accentuate your sweet abode.

iv. Don’t follow DIY blogs blindly

DIY blogs are great. The combine cost-effective designs and creativity. However, not all people have the same levels of finesse when it comes to execution. If a blogger says they can do it, does not mean you can too. Always take into account your shortcomings and your abilities before embarking on a project. Also, colors in photo-blogs are very different from colors in real life. So unless you have seen a sample at a friend's place or a painting studio, do not expect the same results!

v. White may not be right

White is great if you have lots of natural light flowing in. Without natural light, white is just drab. Adding textures will not make much of a difference either. So unless you have huge French windows or all-glass porch doors, do not experiment with white in the indoors.

Choosing the right colors is the biggest step towards making a house your home. Always ask for help if you believe you are out of your depths while picking a color scheme.