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#FeelBeautyInside – A daring attempt to paving new road


As a fashion lover, I have always been fascinated about new designs. Any hue that brings in exotic pleasure to my eyes would lead me go crazy.

Fashion as such is blended with feminism, social concerns and much more. I never had the fallacy that fashion stands alone. Any one standing for the cause of fashion can also cause revolutionary societal change. Be it the model, fashion designer or a fashionista. Any change that swirls inside the fashion is an embodiment of the societal change.

I came across lot of hashtags this year. And may be that I ponder mostly into the fashion goodies, I’ve acknowledge or remember, (to be exact), many campaigns that dug well with fashion statements. The significant one being #freethenipple campaign. It is still an alien ideology to India, but has won many wows from the western world. Yes, I do approve and appreciate the idea behind it and vote for the cause that was ought bring immense social change. The backers of the campaign ware chiefly from fashion fraternity. Kim kardasian, the fashion bomb was no way away from liking and supporting the campaign. She took it to chance again to show off her ample assets and this time, unlike before, the nipples too. Kyle Jenner like many other celebrities came publically to support the campaign.

#IWearHandloom and#NationalHandloomDay were campaigns that brought big changes in Indian minds. I too followed the campaigns with utmost fanaticism. Kangana Ranout and Kiran Bedi were amoung a few celebrities who appeared publically in hand woven sarees and kurtis joined the leaugue that was mainly pulled by Smriti Irani in the lead. These are some instances where social media campaigns had came out real.

It felt good, revamping to get to know and witness these socially refreshing movements.

As a hard core fashion lover, I always got on top of what I wear – both outfits and inner wears. Though I admire Indian wears, my cup of tea was always that had that special western touch. Dungaress, Tuxedo and sheath can no way spare my sight. And at the same time georgette saris can never be spared from celebrations. Though I work for a large company in a metro city, where we speak every thing under the sun including the technology used to map the latest rocket trajectory to what flavour of the condoms to choose, puffing off cigratte smokes, but hardly discuss anything about the kinda lingerie we wear. Lack of interest? No! That cannot be the reason! May be the topic is so small and congested for every one to repeatedly spell out the same name like Jockey or other one or two brands that we find no time to spare for lingerie talk. But I can never take a chance in regretting later off to a mall function in my attire, whether in office or in parties. I believe that only when your inner is adorned prettily the outer will shine! Adorn your inner beauty and let your outer shine brightly. So I pick the most modern lingerie from stores. Intially I made a few mistakes by getting lingerie from brick and mortar stores, but now I keep a tab on myself and ensure that I buy the best lingerie from best stores. Oh well let me be precise, I buy from shyaway.com. Shyaway.com is an online lingerie portal selling multi brand lingerie to vast range of customers. They say that you should enter a busy hotel to get fresh stuff and here, I repeat, I buy from best moving lingerie site so that I can buy the fresh collections at ease.

It was from a transgender friend of mine that I came to know about shyaway.com. Many of us don’t know that the worst problem by transgender where that to purchase lingerie. Any brick and mortar store will be the hell-hub for any one shopping for intimate garment and not to mention transgenders. My friend was wholly satisfied with the attitude of the company that served all kinds of customers with dignity. The can-do attitude and the spirit to try and bring in new changes of the company seemed too attractive to me. Any change in fashion world will inspire me, no doubt.

This is that latest update from the company I received through its facebook channel. Of course, it was of no surprise that they launch a daring campaign that come as a strong wind of change. They were already into the daring stream of bringing changes to the society. The philanthropic approach too is a great word. The campaign is named as #feelbeautyinside and the core concept of the campaign behind it is to cause social changes. Here is how it goes:

India is a country which has an obsession for fair skin looks. It also falls for skinny tall girls with pretty face. The campaign #feelbeautyinside questions the notions that had been staying virgin for years. The questioning, the questioning on the beauty concepts prevailing now, will bring a huge change in the minds of the society. Yes, I too join the movement that answers how an acid attack survivor is none the less attractive than a “beautiful” girl, for she has survived the worst cruelty just by beholding a brave mind. Just because your sexual desires are different from normal you cannot be labelled ugly. Transgenders are beautiful because they are fighting the greatest battles prevailing in the society. Just because you are obese or just because you are short doesn’t mean you are worthless. And that is what #FEELBEAUTYINSIDE is trying to dictate.

My votes and likes are there for the campaign, not because it is promoted by something that I adore but because the cause is innocent and brave. 


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