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How to properly manage your time during exams


The exam is a fever to students because of the growing competition, students are part of a race which is ahead of time. A motive of examination has shifted to proving the self-worth in academic terms instead of making the student confident on his concepts. This competition and race to prove yourself has developed the fever in the minds of the children.

The examination is stress and it needs to be understood well so as to face the upcoming examination challenges. To manage the stress it is important for the students to manage and properly allocate the time to every activity and every subject during an exam.

Below are some points on how to manage your time while examination:

• Divide time according to subjects

During exams, all the subject are required to be revised properly which needs proper time allocation. Just a day before the exam you cannot prepare or revise for the next paper and so you should sort the time so as to prioritize the subjects. For example morning hours for the later examination and noon and evening hours for the priority paper.

Keep time for rest

Stress should be avoided which is possible when you take proper rest and release your mind from the stress. Have a sound sleep a night before the examination.

Always take breaks

Continuous one sitting study can create confusion and stress. Take proper breaks while studying even while changing subjects and continuing the same

Keep time for revision

Always have enough time for revision. Take bullet notes so that they help in revision and in remembering the concepts.

Never have 11th-hour study

Never start any new topic just a day before the exam. It can create a fear and stress. This also leads to exam fever and ultimately failure. Stay confident on whatever you have already studied and learned and if the leftover topic carries important weight age then simply cover it with bullet points or on the other hand cover the terminologies that should be covered and grasp the concept so that it becomes easy for you to frame the answer on the spot.


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